Life… as it is…

(written at 16.00 29th December 2008)

Sitting here, in my new office, (after finding out I have no network cable and the wireless is password protected), I realise this is my first time on the computer since 23rd December, and even though it is only six days ago it feels like three weeks.

Christmas Eve was very relaxed, with me spending the morning preparing our Christmas dinner (celebrated 24th here) and later engaged in different activities with the boy. After dinner, we watched Kalle Anka (Donald Duck to most of us), a Swedish religious event (honestly don’t ring or go near anyone for that hour without a jolly good reason!).

Maddoc then opened some of his presents (we had none ourselves due to the events of last year) and he and I spent a few hours building his new train track and adding Percy, Toby and James to the track to meet Thomas (Thomas and Friends).

Etina and I watched a bit of telly after Maddoc went to bed and listened to the last stave of A Christmas Carol (yearly tradition), before going off to bed.

25th was a similar day and as relaxing before the weekend (26th, 27th and 28th) of non-stop visitors. By me saying I have been climbing into bed at five to be up again at nine is not an exaggeration, as well-wishers, friends, family and those curious about Audrey have made their way to our front door.

My top ten album selection has suffered a tad for that as I’ve not had the opportunity to listen as much as I would like. I’m pretty sure what I’m up to but it’s nice to be totally focused. I’m listening to a couple now, one I thought should be higher when I listened last week and one that should be higher now that I’ve given it a definitive (18th) listen.

Managed to have some huge chats with Etina over the holiday and the question of exercise and health came up again. There has been some real motivation within me mentally, of late, and 26th (my mum’s birthday) I managed a thirty minute run and today I braved the -8C weather and cycled for an hour and fifteen minutes. My new mountain bike enjoyed the run but my feet sure as hell didn’t with me giving them a warmish bath when I returned home to stave off chill blanes.

And that’s been me, what have you been up to?

(Edit: now it’s 29th at 20.16 and we’ve just said goodbye to another visitor – I can’t remember the last time I was this tired, oh and I ran for forty minutes today… )

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