Sage and Onion

Just thought I’d give you a little stuff(ing) that’s not a Twitter update…

Big welcome to brigidsblest and mariness, two newcomers to my flist and both to be published by Morrigan Books later this year!

We’ve now got all the names for The Phantom Queen Awakes and it’s just a case of awaiting confirmation that names are spelled correctly and that they are happy how they are being presented and then I can post a line up. It’s all rather exciting and the thought that I’m just about to get on with editing a Katharine Kerr short story (which is based in the Deverry world, yes you heard it first here on this LJ) is just such an indication of where we’ve come in less than a year – go us!

The Preditors and Editors poll will close tomorrow and some last minute voting has seen me fall out of the top ten for best book editor in the world ever[1]. Anyone who hasn’t voted can do so over at the site. We are in plenty of stuff over there, not least the best publisher, zine editor, zine, short story, novel, etc., etc. Go vote, you know it’s your democratic duty!

The album of the year was decided before year end but due to illness and much catching up with work it is sitting behind a little waiting for me to fill in the blanks. I hope to get on with that one evening this week.

On the music note I am almost 100% sure of my year-end CD, after being forced to take Death Cab for Cutie and Elbow off the track listing. It’s still longer than I’m used to (82 mins) but everything else just HAS to be on it. More news on that very soon.

Battlestar Galactica starts again on Friday and I’ll be watching it as soon as I can on Saturday (as iTunes is not the place for me and TV). I’ve just been running my mouth off on about who the final cylon is and another theory that I don’t want to mention in case you’re not up to where I am. Have heard about two programs: Top Ten Things You Should Know About BSG and Catch The Frak Up, which sound fun. I may ask the missus if she wants to watch those two as a prelude to the next episode at the weekend.

Watched the first episode of Merlin last night and thought it was utter tosh. I have a thing about these kind of programmes using super modern dialogue and whilst watching ten minutes of the second episode today (in a break you understand) I heard the almighty sound of horrible writing:

Merlin: How come you know so much about armour then?
Guinevere: My dad was a blacksmith, I know everything there is to know. Kinda sad isn’t it?

Kinda sad? Aren’t you going to be a queen soon you dizzy mare? Sorry but it’s like the cockneys in Rome (“You, Centurion, get dawn here and polish me boots!”) No I’m not expecting oh verrily and Latin for these things but a little thought goes a long way.

Right just looked at the time and I finish work in ten – speak to you soon!
[1] A slight exaggeration by Mr. Deniz here we[2] think!
[2] Who are we?


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