Is it 2009 yet?

I’m taking a while to get going, there’s no album of the year post yet (latest on record) and I realised the other day that not only have I not written down my New Year’s resolutions (1600 x 2400 should suit) but I haven’t thought of any…

Here’s a few I thought of today and I’ll see if anything else comes up.

Health and Fitness:



The figure here is for the set goal of losing 8 kilos this year (no I’m not doing conversions today!) I started the year at 89 and hope to end it on 81. I got a bit of shock last weekend at having dropped 2 kilos in the first couple of weeks of the year – it just can’t last (although I’m always bloody hungry these days!).




Seventy seemed to be a good number to get going on. I’ve not helped myself with catching up with BSG before the continuation this weekend but there are just too many films on my to-watch list.

I’m not doing a book one this year due to the situation at Morrigan Books. Saying that though I’ve no open calls and so I won’t be looking at reading over a hundred stories in the space of a few months. Lots of editing though. I’m hoping to read a lot though!




This is how many of my LJ flist I want to meet in person this year (well obviously I’d like to meet all of you but you know what I mean). I had a big boost in 2007 with Conflux and last year with FCon but there’s not a lot planned for this year and it’s going to be down to active arrangements (I have set something in motion for that.)

Which of you are the five then?

There are more, I just wanted to get some out there and play with the shiny bars again. Well I have been likened to a magpie…

Oh it’s Depeche Mode week at Chez Östra this week – did you know?

EDIT: The Zokutou Word Meter went and died on me (hence the lack of shiny), anyone else have a problem there?


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