Guest blogging: Week One – Amanda Pillar (co-editor of The Phantom Queen Awakes)

amandapillar writes:


Now, I know Mark hasn’t read the Twilight books. He tried; he told me he really did try. But he just couldn’t.

Maybe it was because it was aimed at teenage girls, and Mark is as far from that as I am from being a grandfather (okay, maybe there’s a little hyperbole there). Maybe it was because it took a while to get into. Either way, they’re popular and Mark hasn’t read them. But I have.

All four.

And then I recommended them to my 15 year old sister. Who has now read them about 10 times each at last count. While the last book did irritate me — for reasons I won’t go into so I can avoid spoiler issues — I can see the merit in them.

You see, while some people think they’re just fanfiction wannabe stories that managed to get published; I think they’re stories that young girls can relate to. I wish that Bella did not have to find validation in the love of a gorgeous vampire, but she did. And the thing is, a lot of teenage girls have low self esteem. They need validation from an outside source.

I guess the point here is that just because something is popular and contains messages that us as older, more mature adults dislike, it doesn’t mean they aren’t relevant to the intended age group.

I just feel sorry for Rob Pattinson (who plays Edward in the movie). I think he’s going to find being stalked by a bunch of 12-20something year old girls a little tiring. 


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