Guest blogging: Week One – Amanda Pillar (co-editor of The Phantom Queen Awakes)

amandapillar writes:

Serial Killers

I have always wanted to write a novel about a serial killer. A real, hardcore book that covers the mental processes involved in someone like that. I know there are some out there. I read — I wouldn’t say ‘enjoy’ —and appreciated American Psycho. So far, I think that’s hit the nail on the head; the best for me, anyway.

As a horror editor, we get lots of stories about serial killers. The thing is; you need to do your homework. And avoid clichés. Easier said than done, I imagine. The thing is, while these people are calculating, I don’t think they are automatons who do A, B and C rigorously every time. I mean, they do get caught.

And it isn’t just modern society where you could write them in. I’ve read fantasy fiction with serial killer types in them, who don’t seem to earn the title. But they’re written well.

So this question is for all of you: What is the best crime fiction/serial killer fiction you’ve ever read?


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