Guest blogging: Week One – Amanda Pillar (co-editor of The Phantom Queen Awakes)

amandapillar writes:


True Blood: The HBO television series inspired by the Sookie Stackhouse novels, written by Charlaine Harris.

I have to say, I am fast forming an addiction to the series. It’s not another Buffy, far from it. The vampires are mostly traditional in nature, and they live among the human populace since a Japanese company invented ‘True Blood’, a synthetic blood for vampires.

It raises a lot of questions about racism and what it is to be human. Just my cup of tea, really.

Recently, I had a discussion with people who said that Anne Rice ruined vampire fiction; she humanized vampires. But I think that is a great thing. Vampires can be scary, intriguing, objects of romanticism… they’re fictional. They can be anything you want them to be.

I like to explore the nature of humanity in a lot of my writing. What makes you human? Is it your DNA, your ability to feel emotions (as according to Blade Runner), or is it some indefinable element of your psyche?


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