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Grants Pass trailer

Pre-order your copy of Grants Pass now!

Grants Pass review and pre order


“Grants Pass is a remarkable, disturbing, and worthwhile read, and one that is likely to stay with the reader for some time to come. I’m predicting that this anthology will be up for a swag of awards come the next round of Aurealis, Ditmar and Australian Shadows nominations.”

The rest of the review is available here: Horroscope review

Grants Pass is now available for pre order in the US. More news on Europe and Australia to follow.

Three Crow Press Issue Three – IT’S ALIVE

May 2009 – Issue Three, Volume One

* Blue by Catherine Knutsson
* Emergency Repairs by Glenn Lewis Gillette
* Eridian Ice by T.A. Moore
* Liver and Onions by C.M. Shelvin
* Memories by Nu Yang
* The Corruption by Brian Dolton
* To Stone by Shannon Page and Jay Lake
* What Must Be Done by Gary McMahon

Morrigan Books – Grants Pass Extras
* Snake Oil by David Priebe
* Warlord of Rhode Island by Rick Silva

Small Press Interview – Verb Noir by T.A. Moore

Featured Artist – George Cotronis

Reviews and Articles
* Magic Strikes Review by Reece Notley
* Sleight of Hand by Joss Lanyon
* Partners in Crime 4 Review by Emerald Jaguar

State of the Crow – Morrigan Books

Review of The Even

New review of The Even up today:

The Even review

The novel is still available from Morrigan Books

Grabbhalvan 2009 aka The Run

And I did it! This year’s run was tough and looking at the times it seems the only time I have beaten in the previous runs (2005, 2006 and 2008) was 2006, a run in which I had only had one training run for. 2005 is still the time to beat as that is the one I had trained for five months for – in rain, shine, and even sleet a couple of times.

Grabbhalvan 2009

Not got the final result yet but I did the 5km in just over 29 minutes (I saw the clock as I came in) a little slower than the winner, who came in in 14:51 but hey, there was no way I was going to beat that guy, ever in a million years – these people run fourteen times a week! Count me out!

I’m happy I’ve done it, I’m happy that the only time I’ve missed in five years was because we booked a holiday before getting the dates, I’m happy because I ran for a good cause and I’m very thankful to all who donated money (which incidentally can still be done for another month)!

Thank you for you words of support, your jibes, your donations and most of all, your support!

Now to get training for some cycling tours…