Some days are bigger than others

Fans of The Smiths may notice my little play with the title there, epsecially as I am about to talk a little about weight today.

Stepping on the scales this morning showed me a weight of 80.3 kilos (177 pounds, 12 stones 6 pounds), which puts me under my BMI maximum for the first time since I was around 18 or 19 (memory hazy here and I do need to get back to England and dig out some old pics), meaning that for around half of my life I have been overweight. To have put myself in the ‘normal’ weight bracket for the first time in 20 years is massive and I am so pleased with how this has gone and the fact that at no time of this weight loss run have I resorted to fast track methods, meaning that keeping under this bracket should be much easier than it could have been. For this is the problem with various ‘no carbs’, or ‘Atkins’ methods is that at some point you have to go back to your normal eating day and it’s very hard to maintain. I am hoping that just aiming for eating healthier (and a little bit less) is good enough.

I’ve decided to go down to 76 kilos now, as I like the option of being able to go out and party, go to cons and not have to worry about being overweight when I come back.

As I said though, I’m very happy today and wonder how I should celebrate – fudge maybe? *winks*


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