Live or not?

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It’s been a decision I’ve pondered about for a few years, the acceptance or not of live albums on the year’s best. The reason I don’t ever seem to be able to make a decision is due to the two arguments, both as strong as the other: the first is that the album can’t really be seen to be new because the live tracks are from previous albums. However, they are new in that they are intepretations of older songs (almost like covers).

A couple of years ago I went to see the Eels perform in Manchester on their With Strings tour and was totally blown away by what Mr. E had done to those songs. I bought the CD immediately and then popped two of the songs from the album on my best songs compilation from that year.

I’ve made the decision this year, with Coldplay (or Don’t play as they are affectionately known) and Tom Waits (God) waiting in the wings, I’ve decided not to consider live albums for selection. I just feel that the argument for them not being new is valid, especially when some of them contain material from years back.

So now you know I bet you’ll all sleep better tonight.


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