Eight years on

Well it’s been eight years to the day since we tied the knot and in that time there has been much to enjoy and much to deal with. Obvious high points are the births of both our children, our many trips together and the support we have received from each other in all things artistic, health related and career choices.

The two very obvious low points being my mother’s lost battle against cancer four months before Maddoc was born and the murder of my brother-in-law, in December 2007.

And now we’re eight years on…

A rare event is when the wife surprises me, yet that has been the nature of our relationship over recent months, with her trying to surprise me in both little and big ways. Today’s was calling me this morning to tell me I had to leave home and get over the gym as soon as possible as one of the wheels had fallen off the pram. She couldn’t fix it and so I would have to. I cycled over, only to find the pram in full working order and a grinning wife letting me know that we were off for coffee (Latte and pepparkakor cheesecake please)!

Been mulling about doing work-related stuff this afternoon before getting ready for my first innebandy game in about four years now – very much looking forward to that one, especially as the wife is involved too! We are then off to Indra, a new Indian restaurant in our very own Norrköping.

Some days are just too good!

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