Stuck in the TV screen

Things have been rather hectic of late and I’m finding that going through TV shows has been a good way to take a break here and there. Here’s a little summary of what I’ve been watching recently:

Merlin (Season Two): I was all doom and gloom about this one when I watched the first two episodes of season one but stuck with it (for reasons unknown) and it’s grown on me somewhat. I do think some of the stories are quite well crafted and I think it does OK for a children’s/family show. I’m on episode twelve of season two and I think that means there is one episode left.

Dexter (Season Four): I have just finished the fourth season of easily one of the best TV shows ever made. The finale of this one had me in agony and I still haven’t fully recovered from all the implications of it (and it was Monday night I watched it). It’s compelling TV, excellent writing and with some wonderful characters.

Lie to Me (Season One): I’ve actually watched all of season one but am watching it again with the wife and am up to episode four (of twelve) with her. It’s nice to go away from what I’m used to watching and Tim Roth is excellent as the owner of a company that deals with micro-expressions, which tell us who is lying and why…

V (Season One): A remake of the massive 80’s tv show and with a weird idea from the channel of showing four episodes and then having a four month break. Especially when that fourth episode had no discernable cliffhanger to speak of… It’s a bit tired, a bit lethargic and suffers from being a remake that wasn’t really needed. I’ll probably keep up with mainly as that lovely Juliet from LOST is in it.

Dollhouse (Season One): Struggling muchly with this one. I’m on episode nine just now and think that of those 9x50min slots there is probably about 40mins of good TV. I think Whedon has some good ideas but he’s ultimately so far up his own arse that he’s unwilling to look at a lot of the flaws in what he’s doing. In this comment I also refer to Firefly and Buffy.

LOST (Season Five): Season five was just about to start by the time I got around to watching season one of this and I basically raced through the series in an attempt to catch up and be in the ‘in-crowd’ for when they started the last season. I was negative to this for so long, after hearing about so many people dropping off the show and it was only when my sister said she was going to watch them again, as she’d missed a few episodes, and would I watch them with her and chat about them. I took a bit of convincing and the result was one of my favourite TV shows ever made. I’m worried they are going to royally mess it up, like they did BSG but I trust them just now…

Supernatural (Season Five): Have enjoyed this all the way through, although I cannot really claim to be a fan as it deals with horror in a way I don’t usually appreciate – that of lots of humour – and I miss the fact it used to be quite a tense horror show in the beginning (somewhere). Anyway it’s kept me entertained enough to watch for five years now.

Next on my list to watch is Six Feet Under, and considering the list above, are there any opinions on whether I’m going to like it? (This is also bearing in mind that I gave up on Heroes, Pushing Daises and I absolutely hated the end of BSG?)


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