Album of the Year 2009: Number 21

I’m a little ahead of myself this year, in terms of the album chart. One reason for this is that I received the loveliest compliment ever, regarding my music posts and my recommending of new music every year, and it came at just the right time and really has motivated me to get everything spot on this year!

Well, this is a mini-post, featuring just the one album, being as the chart from 20-11 is almost ready and this album got lost in limbo as it’s the only album with a grade of eight or more not in the last twenty.

Number 21: Lisa Hannigan – Sea Sew

I’m a bit slow it has to be told, and only found out today that Ms Hannigan recently won the Mercury Prize for this particular album, and as such, is not particular bothered about finishing a lowly 21st in my little chart. On reading the nominees, I see that two of my albums that finish above Lisa are there. Let’s see where those two end up eh?

It’s a lovely little album and I very much understand why it won the prize, compared to Kathryn Williams (totally underrated musician) and it can be argued that Lisa is the better half of Damien Rice, when it comes to music. I can admit that I wasn’t that fond of Mr. Rice, when I heard the album but I was interested in the female voice that popped up from time to time. Since they parted ways, Lisa has followed a George Michael like rise with Rice hitting the dizzying lows of a certain Andrew Ridgeley (remember him?).

Anyway, Lisa’s Plink Plonk Rock (as a friend of hers termed it) is really rather lovely and is very indebted to folk as inspiration. With a cracking voice and some top-notch lyrics, Hannigan has all the requirements needed to be massive and I, for one, will be following her career with interest.


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