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My England 11 against USA, 12th July 2010

You pretty much knew I was going to start all this analysis before the big tournament began didn’t you? Well you should have 😉

This is my starting eleven for the first game against the USA. This is based on the preliminary 30 man squad that Capello has chosen and assuming I get the manager job in the next few days…


Joe Hart (probably my biggest risk choice of the team but hey did you see some of Birmingham’s games this season – he was immense!)

Back four:

Ashley Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Ledley King and Leighton Baines (hoping Leighton could do right back, otherwise we’re a bit lacking there)

Midfield four:

Adam Johnson, Frank Lampard, James Milner and Scott Parker (I think Carrick has been average this season and Gerrard’s had the worst season of his career. Joe Cole would be an option but I’ve been so impressed with Parker and Milner this season and Lampard is the best player we’ve got at present.)


Jermain Defoe and Wayne Rooney (could it be anyone else?)


Rob Green, Michael Dawson, Stephen Warnock, Joe Cole, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Peter Crouch and Darren Bent.

If we weren’t shaky at the back I would go for a 3-5-2 and play Joe Cole in midfield and leave Baines on the bench. Not going to happen though is it?

Zombie Awareness Month – the list

Shane B. has decided on 31 films in 31 days for his Zombie Awareness Month celebration and even though I’m not sure I have that ambitious a schedule (time being my main enemy) I am attempting a few. Here’s my list so far (with others more than likely to follow):

1. Pontypool: 2008 [watched]

2. The Evil Dead: 1981 [watched]

3. Evil Dead II – Dead by Dawn: 1987 [watched]

4. Dawn of the Dead: 1978 [watched]

5. Dawn of the Dead: 2004 [watched]

6. I Walked with a Zombie: 1943 [watched]

7. Dead Snow: 2009 [watched]

8.  Zombieland: 2009 [watched]

9. Night of the Living Dead: 1968 [watched]

10. Day of the Dead: 1985 [watched]

11. Shaun of the Dead: 2004 [watched]

12. Versus: 2000 [watched]

13. White Zombie: 1932 [watched]

14. Deadgirl: 2008 [watched]

15. REC: 2007 [watched]

16. REC 2: 2009 [watched]

17. 28 Days Later: 2002 [watched]

18. 28 Weeks Later: 2007 [watched]

19. Army of Darkness: 1992 [watched]

20. Diary of the Dead: 2007 [watched]

21. Deathwatch: 2002 [watched]

22. The Zombie Diaries: 2007 [watched]

23. I Sell the Dead: 2008 [watched]

(I’m not likely to watch too many remakes as well as the original (in such a short space of time) but Dawn of the Dead is such a wonderful remake that I can’t help it!)

Zombie Awareness Month

Well as many of you already know, it’s Zombie Awareness Month this month. You didn’t? Oh good, it wasn’t just me then…

I was quite pleased about watching Pontypool, last night, both for it being a cracking film and it slotting into the month’s theme nicely.

As my love for the board game Zombies!!! knows no bounds, I have decided to re-watch some of my favourite Zombie films as well as some brand spanking new ones too.

I have a list already of about twenty but am worried I’ve missed some I really should be watching off the list.

Any tips on what I should watch? I’ll leave my list until later so as not to steer any recommendations.

Day Three: Song that makes me sad

Much as day two, this was a case of having far too many to choose from and so I went for one that had an effect on me not so long ago:

Kings of Convenience: Gold in the Air of Summer

Without giving anything away
I can say it’s by the sea
It’s a house that used to be
The home of a friend of mine

Without giving anything away
You’ll find ships inside of bottles
When the garden’s overgrown
The house is white, but the paint is coming off

I didn’t know if you wanted to
But I came to pick you up
You didn’t even hesitate
And now you and me are on our way
I think I’ve bought everything we need
Don’t look back, don’t think of the
Other places you should’ve been
It’s a good thing that you came along with me

Gold in the air of summer
You’ll shine like gold in the air of summer
You’ll shine like gold in the air of summer
You’ll shine like gold in the air of summer

As you can see the lyrics are not essentially melancholic. However, I think the melody is, and it’s the melody that set me off on that particular day, three years ago when I thought about how unfair it was that my mother had been taken from us, just months before Maddoc was born. I don’t why it would have been better had she lived a few months extra but you know how we humans are, there’s always a reason why our loved ones should live that bit longer.

Again, music is personal, some is more obviously melancholic than others and some comes down to a moment, a feeling. I went for the moment today…

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Monday morning album tip

An idea I have, on this wee site of mine, is to give you guys a little tip of what you should be listening to every Monday morning. This gives you something new (hopefully) to wrap your ears around whilst having your morning brew…

Caribou: Swim

This morning I was in the mood for something a little lighter, after a week of melancholic/nostalgic music and selecting Caribou’s latest was definitely the way to go. It doesn’t crave much on the senses but has that welcoming plink plink that is missing from most of today’s mainstream music, a plink plink (you love my technical terms don’t you?) that actually has substance in it.

It’s a bit like Kings of Convenience meets The Chemical Brothers, but as I don’t like these comparisons, I’ll leave it at that.
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Day Two: Song that makes me happy

So many to choose from and I really had to just go for a nostalgic one that makes me chuckle every single time I play it:

Half Man Half Biscuit: All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit

Come on, the title is even funny!

What I love about this, apart from its whimsical tune, is the fact that it is almost like a stand up comedian in full swing, with some cracking observational comedy. I’m not sure how much this appeals to everyone else but for a typical English boy growing up in the north, this track describes so many of my wasted hours with pinpoint accuracy and razor sharp irony.

If you’ve not heard the band before you should check them out as even though they are very much of their time they also have a nostalgic quality that is hard to beat!