Zombie Awareness Month – the list

Shane B. has decided on 31 films in 31 days for his Zombie Awareness Month celebration and even though I’m not sure I have that ambitious a schedule (time being my main enemy) I am attempting a few. Here’s my list so far (with others more than likely to follow):

1. Pontypool: 2008 [watched]

2. The Evil Dead: 1981 [watched]

3. Evil Dead II – Dead by Dawn: 1987 [watched]

4. Dawn of the Dead: 1978 [watched]

5. Dawn of the Dead: 2004 [watched]

6. I Walked with a Zombie: 1943 [watched]

7. Dead Snow: 2009 [watched]

8.  Zombieland: 2009 [watched]

9. Night of the Living Dead: 1968 [watched]

10. Day of the Dead: 1985 [watched]

11. Shaun of the Dead: 2004 [watched]

12. Versus: 2000 [watched]

13. White Zombie: 1932 [watched]

14. Deadgirl: 2008 [watched]

15. REC: 2007 [watched]

16. REC 2: 2009 [watched]

17. 28 Days Later: 2002 [watched]

18. 28 Weeks Later: 2007 [watched]

19. Army of Darkness: 1992 [watched]

20. Diary of the Dead: 2007 [watched]

21. Deathwatch: 2002 [watched]

22. The Zombie Diaries: 2007 [watched]

23. I Sell the Dead: 2008 [watched]

(I’m not likely to watch too many remakes as well as the original (in such a short space of time) but Dawn of the Dead is such a wonderful remake that I can’t help it!)

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