Day Seven: Matches Eighteen, Nineteen and Twenty [Predictions]

Three more big matches today and a lot to play for already in the tournament for some of these.

Match Eighteen: France vs Mexico

France need to win, especially after the game last night and will be ready for this one. Mexico have to win or their World Cup hopes are in real danger. Mexico were awful in the first game and I don’t expect them to be able to beat France (especially when they couldn’t beat South Africa).

Mark predicts: 1-0

[Family predictions to follow]

Match Nineteen: Greece vs Nigeria

I’m not expecting a good game here, mainly because I think Greece play some of the most boring football in the world. I think Nigeria are going to grind out a result, especially as they were difficult for Argentina to beat.

Mark predicts: 0-1

[Family predictions to follow]

Match Twenty: Argentina vs South Korea

South Korea have played well over the last few years and showed their qualities against a dull Greece side. However, I think Argentina are going to book their place in the last sixteen today with a comfortable win.

Mark predicts: 3-0

[Family predictions to follow]

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2 responses to “Day Seven: Matches Eighteen, Nineteen and Twenty [Predictions]

  • Mihai (Dark Wolf)

    I think that we have a big name already heading home 🙂 But it is deservedly so, because I don’t recall for France to have three clear opportunities of goal in 2 matches. The bad part for France is that they have some great football players, but no coach at all. And Domenech blew this team up long time ago.


  • markdeniz

    I’ll be very interested to see how they do against the South Africans, as these two have been the weaker in the group. Are Uruguay and Mexico going to be happy with a draw (which would put both France and South Africa out)?

    Questions, questions….


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