Day Nine: Matches Twenty-four, five and six [Predictions]

I was a little off with the predictions yesterday *coughs* although not one in eight of us could correctly predict the England game and so I am not alone in my fail[ness] 😉

Holland vs Japan

This match is the first to have already kicked off when I post my predictions here, although we all made ours before the match. I was expecting a strong start by Holland, an early goal and then a solid performance before finishing off Japan midway through the second half. Not to be but I still have a chance of getting today’s prize.

Mark predicts: 2-0

Etina predicts: 2-1

Maddoc predicts: 0-3 (Banzai!)

Audrey predicts: 0-5 (Banzai x2!)

Berolin predicts: 3-1

Vivianne predicts: 1-0

Ninos predicts: 4-1

Ghana vs Australia

Ghana beat Serbia who then beat Germany who pasted Australia. Easy then eh? Well that’s what it has not proved to be so far. I’m a bit worried about the Socceroos, being as their morale must be low after playing so bad against the Germans, and also they have to play with Cahill, easily their best player. I think Australia will go out of the World Cup today.

Mark predicts: 3-1

Etina predicts: 1-0

Maddoc predicts: 2-1

Audrey predicts: 1-1

Berolin predicts: 2-0

Vivianne predicts: 3-1

Ninos predicts: 1-0

Dad predicts: 1-2

Cameroon vs Denmark

Cameroon were awful in their first game and Denmark were unlucky to lose to Holland, after putting in a solid first half performance. I think Cameroon will have changed their game plan significantly, with Eto’o working more but will it be enough? No.

Mark predicts: 0-3

Etina predicts: 1-1

Maddoc predicts: 1-1

Audrey predicts: 1-1

Berolin predicts: 2-1

Vivianne predicts: 2-0

Ninos predicts: 2-2

Dad predicts: 1-0

Mum predicts: 2-1

(Interesting that everyone who has predicted for this has predicted a different result than me…saying something about my skills eh?)


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