Day Ten: Matches Twenty-seven, eight and nine [Predictions]

Another day, another batch of dodgy predictions… There is now a rather lovely chocolate bar on offer, after Vivianne won the Cola Strip and Audrey won the small box of goodies and so motiviation has been given a jolt 😉

What I’ve noticed is that several teams are playing much much better than they did in the first game of the tournament: Algeria, Slovenia, Mexico, Cameroon, and this is making predicting very hard. Not that it’s easy anyway, which is why football is so interesting!

Slovakia vs Paraguay

Based on my earlier comment there is a theory that Slovakia are going to play out of their skin and give Paraguay a real game. I’ve got to go on what actually happened in the first game for these two and so I’ll go for a hammering from Paraguay, who were rather solid in their match against Italy.

Mark predicts: 0-4

Etina predicts: 0-1

Maddoc predicts: 0-2

Audrey predicts: 0-4 (probably because it’s Father’s Day)

Berolin predicts: 1-1

Vivianne predicts: 0-2

Ninos predicts: 0-3

Italy vs New Zealand

Well if England expected on Friday then Italy are really going to expect today. Neither Slovakia or New Zealand are as good as Paraguay and if Italy can’t beat New Zealand then they aren’t really going to be able to make a case for successfully holding on to the trophy. New Zealand were very well organised against Slovakia and deserved a draw for all their hard work. This is not going to happen again.

Mark predicts: 2-0 (Italy aren’t big on scoring lots)

Etina predicts: 1-0

Maddoc predicts: [to follow]

Audrey predicts: 0-2

Berolin predicts: 2-1

Vivianne predicts: 1-0

Ninos predicts: 4-0

Brazil vs Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast were very solid in their game against Portgual and Brazil were a bit shaky against North Korea. Brazil know it’s better to get a win here and not give themselves a must win against Portgual but I’m not sure it will be all that easy.

Mark predicts: 1-1

Etina predicts: 2-1

Maddoc predicts: [to follow]

Audrey predicts: 0-2 (Oh please, please, please let it be so)

Berolin predicts: 3-1

Vivianne predicts: 3-1

Ninos predicts: [to follow]


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