Best song of all time?

Long and hard I’ve been preparing my top 40 tracks of all time list for later this year (13th November to be precise), pretty much since I presented my top 30 tracks of all time back in 2000.

Today, however, I find out that a song not even featuring in my current 66 best tracks of all time (as I whittle down) is, in fact, the greatest song ever made.

It is actually Sjörövar-Fabbe sung by Inger Nilsson and lyrics by Astrid Lindgren my son informs me. It is this that is the best track ever made, not the paltry two-dimensional stuff I’m clogging the speakers up with (or words to that effect)!

So rock on Pippi Longstocking and stand corrected Daddy!


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2 responses to “Best song of all time?

  • Ben

    I can see where your son is coming from. The Astrid Lindgren CD is played on a daily basis chez nous too..

    However, a little piece of me died the other day when my son decided to tell me what the greatest song ever made was (I think I had just tried to play him something by P J Harvey on YouTube). My son and heir, the fruit of my loins, looked at me and with no sense of irony, said. ‘Daddy, I’ll tell you what the best song in the world is?….. Cara Cara Mia’ (

    I haven’t been able to look him in the eye since. Advice please.

    • Mark Deniz

      Thanks for the comment Ben, it’s a tough one…

      Although it hurts to listen to their bizarre comments about the best music ever, I think we just have to give them their time to be immersed in whatever crap is out at the time and then trust in that you have educated them in the right way so that all will be right later on!

      I mean my own mother educated me in the ways of Genesis and Led Zeppelin and then, when I was old enough to appreciate what she meant, she went and moved over to Simply Red and other pop shite…I mean how does that happen?

      Does this mean I’ll be buying Lady GaGa in a couple of years?

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