Day Thirteen: Group C final games [Predictions]

OK, OK, I lied, I wasn’t really waiting for Maddoc’s predictions now was I? I think the chocolate can be mine anyway as my knowledge of the England team knows no bounds…*coughs*

OMG yes, it’s my homeland that play today in a must win third game in the group (cause we’re not used to them are we?) and a nation expects…us to go out actually. I can sort of see why people might be pessimistic given our results but we’re still in the World Cup and today is actually in our hands, which is not the case for other countries. I almost feel sometimes that the majority of England fans actually want England to do badly, to justify their lack of faith in the team and so they can say a big ‘told you so’ to all those silly optimistic ones out there…

I think we’ll win and I think we’ll progress to the next round. Not so sure what’s going to be going on beyond that but the World Cup is not over for us yet…

Slovenia vs England

Mark predicts: 0-2

Etina predicts: [to follow]

Maddoc predicts: [to follow]

Audrey predicts: [to follow]

USA vs Algeria

Mark predicts: 1-1

Etina predicts: [to follow]

Maddoc predicts: [to follow]

Audrey predicts: [to follow]


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