The last eight teams in the World Cup 2010

So now we’re down to the last eight and we have got an idea of how these all play after having watched them four times (well some of us have). Here’s the eight that have made it to the quarter finals, with those I predicted would win their last sixteen game in bold:

  1. Uruguay
  2. Ghana
  3. Germany
  4. Argentina
  5. Holland
  6. Brazil
  7. Paraguay
  8. Spain

I think there might be an argument for heart over head there, being as the only result I got wrong was that of England’s…

I think, much as I don’t want to say this, that Brazil are actually going to win the cup now, which will not be fun, as that’ll be six times with the next tournament in their own backyard. Hopefully someone in the other half of the draw (Germany/Argentina/Spain) can stop them but I’m just not so sure.

Who do you think will win?

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