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Vampire Awareness Month: 9th July – 8th August, according to Peter Bell & Mark Deniz

After watching around twenty-five zombie films, during Zombie Awareness Month, and writing a guest blog entry for Dark Fiction Reviews about the werewolf, I was wondering when it would be time to have another look at those kings of emo, the vampire.

Well Peter Bell went ahead and made up my mind for me with a status update on Facebook about shorlisting vampire films and my brain went into overdrive.

After a few chats we decided to compile a list of 15 or 16 films that we, and whoever was interested in the idea, could watch on the same day and chat about afterwards.

Me being me, this moved up a notch to deciding on having a whole month of blog entries about the vampire, ranging from reviews, raves, articles, etc.

I’m curious if anyone reading is interested in contributing to the month? I have some topics already taken but there are still plenty more I’m interested in reading.

The film list will be up shortly but for now here’s things I’m interested in posting:

Nosferatu (the original, the Kinski version and The Shadow of the Vampire)

Dracula (literature, film versions)

Ravenloft RPG

Underworld films


White Wolf – Vampire: The Requiem

Any number of Vampire films, books…

True Blood (books and TV)

Mythology of the vampire

and anything else you might think of. Send a mail to vampires[at]morriganbooks[dot]com if you fancy sending me something and we can chat more.