Daily Archives: 05/07/2010

Moving forward by looking back

This year has proved to be an immense year for cycling so far, with me beating all previous records for times out on the bike, number of sessions achieved and the distance covered per month.

I basically started this journey in 2004 with an old mountain bike, which I bought second hand from the cycle shop down the road.

It was only in 2005, when still using the bike above that I bought a bike computer and the whole fascination with cycling around the fair county of Östergötland took off!

In 2006 I bought a new bike, a racer, which increased the interest so much, so quickly.

Then came lots and lots of problems, resulting in a real mix of years up to now and forcing me to buy a new mountain bike as a back up (as yet not pictured).

I decided that I wanted to get back into the cycling blog and I am going to do that by going through the five years previous to this one, before getting ready for when I beat the records of all the previous years…not long now!

Stay tuned!


Vampire Awareness Month – The Films

Well, with only three days to go until the start of Vampire Awareness Month and Peter and I are ready with our combined list of sixteen films for the period in question.

I have links here for the PDF and for the Excel file. The PDF gives a basic list of the sixteen, whereas the Excel file contains hyperlinks for each film, if you want to go and check these out on IMDb.

VAM Films – PDF

VAM Films – Excel

(these are available for the next seven days)

I’ll list them here too, so you have an idea of what’s going on without having to bother with finicky uploads 😉

  1. Nosferatu
  2. Dracula
  3. Blood and Roses
  4. The Night Stalker
  5. Martin
  6. Dracula
  7. The Hunger
  8. Vampire Hunter D
  9. The Lost Boys
  10. Near Dark
  11. Cronos
  12. Interview with the Vampire
  13. Shadow of the Vampire
  14. 30 Days of Night
  15. Låt den rätta komma i (Let the Right One In)
  16. Twilight

This is not an exhaustive list (especially as there are only sixteen) and any comments, both negative and positive are more than likely entirely justified. Hopefully our choices will make more sense as the month draws on and the blog posts that complement these are read.

The dates in the files are suggestions and shouldn’t be taken to the letter. However, posts containing spoilers and the like will usually be out the day after a film is scheduled to be shown.

You ready? We are!