Daily Archives: 07/07/2010

Second Semi-Final: Germany vs Spain

If Spain were to win tonight, then that would make it a guarantee that a nation not having previously won the World Cup would be taking the trophy home for the first time this year.

This, on top of the fact that it is now confirmed that a European nation will win the World Cup outside Europe for the first time.

But, I don’t think that Spain are going to do it, they’ve proved they are a good outfit, especially making it this far but they are facing a German team that are getting stronger and stronger for each game. There is a real strength in the counter attacking skills of Germany that I don’t think Spain will be  strong enough for them and sets up a re-run of the 1974 final in Germany.

Mark predicts: 2-0

Etina predicts: [to follow]

Maddoc predicts: [to follow]

Audrey predicts: 1-4

Marta [guest] predicts: 1-2