Vampire Awareness Month: The Posts

[compiled by Vampire Awareness Month co-conspirator, Mark S. Deniz]

Well, there’s only three posts to go after this one, and they’re all mine, so you don’t really need them re-listing here do you, as they’ll be imprinted on your brains for quite some time…

It’s been a fantastic month (more on that in the conclusion) but if you’ve missed anything so far, then this is the place to catch up. I’m also going to add a few links I’ve found along the way that I think should be mentioned.


By our very own, P. G. Bell, the Introduction gets us ready for a bumper month of films and blog posts!

Film Reviews

We had a few of them this month, some for films we had in our very own film schedule and some for those we didn’t. Those that the masses watched this month were:

Martin: A wonderful film this one, and we were privileged to have Neal Romanek‘s review to accompany it!

The Hunger: Another cracker in the selection. Actually suggested and reviewed by Ruth Merriam.

The Lost Boys & Near Dark: Both reviewed by Louise Morgan, who just can’t get why the Twilight vampires are now the cool kids…

Cronos: Wait a minute, were all the films reviewed by our guests excellent? This time Orrin Grey supplied the review.

30 Days of Night: KV Taylor reviews this one and is nice enough to compare it to its origin, the comic of the same name.

and what of those not on our film schedule:

Vampyr: Gary McMahon explains why this is one of his favourite vampire films.

Fright Night: Lisa Kessler looks at the ‘other’ ’80s vampire flick.

Dracula: Not the Tod Browning one, not the Coppola one but the Dan Curtis one, you know, the one with Jack Palance? Robert Hood let’s us know why we should be watching it.

From Dusk till Dawn: Sonia Marcon is amazed we didn’t pick it and lets us all know just how good it really is!

Then our co-conspirator, P.G. Bell, goes off and reviews three Hammer films at once!

Not only that but we have some other film stuff with Robert Hood, giving us two excellent posts on Early Vampire Cinema – 1916-1974 (Part One: Nosferatu) (Part Two: From Lugosi to Lee) and Kyla Ward, having a look at Vampire Cinema in general.

Amanda Pillar wants to let you know that the Underworld series is actually pretty good, thank you very much!

Louise Morgan gets her moan about the Cullen Paradox and reminds us why the Twilight vampires are pants!

TV Reviews

Sharon Kae Reamer gives us an in-depth review of Vampire Knight, a popular anime series.

Literature Reviews

Amanda Pillar got us under way with some Vampire myths in story telling, taking us right back to the origins of the beast.

Tom English then gave us two very detailed articles about the Literary Vampire: Part One looking at A Bevy of Bloodsuckers and Part Two: Birth of the Modern Vampire

Before Kaaron Warren let us in on some of her favourite vampire fiction in Sharing Blood.

James Willets wants to assure you that the American Vampire comic is really rather good!


We were lucky enough to get a free read of Lisa Kessler‘s Stoker nominated short, Immortal Beloved, part one of a two part tragic vampire tale, involving Beethoven!

Vampires, Vampires, Vampires!

And the vampires just kept on coming – the filthy bloodsuckers – as we found out just how life-saving a cucumber could be in Reece Notley‘s look at Kappa and Sushi.

Simon Marshall-Jones looked at The Enduring Appeal of the Vampire, spanning quite a few years in the process.

We found out about Dead Red Heart, a new vampire anthology, looking for submissions.

Kim Lakin-Smith had a good look at music in vampire films in her excellent Love Song for a Vampire (thankfully not the Lennox one)!

Darren Pearce reminisced on one of the best gaming scenarios ever, Ravenloft.

Romanian native Mihai Adascalitei gav us his personal perspective on one of his nation’s biggest exports, that Vlad fella.

Erika Wiman wanted to know What Makes a Vampire. Do you know?

And then we get two heavyweight article writers, coming in to give us some thought-provoking views on the whole thing:

Sharon Ring felt the need to tell you all about the Domestication of the Vampire and why we should be ashamed of ourselves for what we’ve done to them!

While Bertena Varney weighed in with articles about The Lure of the Dead Boyfriend and Vampires and Religion. Thought provoking stuff!

Who’s Been Talking About The Vampires Elsewhere Then?

Well KV Taylor had two of her vampire creations discussing the Vampire Awareness Month films – very entertaining they were too!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Simon Marshall-Jones was amused by a woman blaming her car crash on a vampire!

Stacey Voss directed us to her new novel Thunder and Blood (following the link means you can read some free fiction)

Like I said earlier, brilliant eh!

Now go and get clicking the links and reading these excellent posts. You’ve read them? Well read them again!

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