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WIP Wednesday – Part One…

…well day one at least…as this is the first day I’ve actually written one of these, and I did promise to do it last week…

Remember, I said I was doing this as a Morrigan Books WIP and not my good self. Not sure the Morrigan Books website should be a blog tool, so I’m quite happy to get my thoughts down here.

I chose quite a good week, actually, as there’s a lot going on at present: I’ve just agreed to look at a novel by an author who has had a bit of a tough time with a publisher and wants her book to actually see the world, rather than be shoved away, forgotten, into a corner. I’m looking at six different submissions now, with a view to them joining the Morrigan Books’ catalogue – no, we’re not open for submissions yet, this is stuff that has just seemed to find its way to my desk through some means or other…

I’ve been in discussions regarding some book releases and the international version of Scenes from the Second Storey, got itself a new co-editor yesterday, as Sharon Ring will be working on that with me now. We’ve been in discussion with those in the know at the BFS and it’s looking very likely to be a launch in Brighton next September, along with Mike Stone‘s Lemon Man. Looking forward to the con already, especially after missing this year’s.

I’ve looked into new distribution alternatives and been in talks about US support. All that is messy behind-the-scenes stuff but has kept me rather busy. We’re working on changing some of the company’s structure soon – remember that December 2010, is the end of Morrigan Books…did I get you there? No, it’s actually the end of Morrigan Books’ three year plan, meaning the team is going to sit down and work out what is going to happen with the company. Considering we have Liz Williams on board for two Detective Inspector Chen novels, means the future is probably rather bright…

Oh, and get ready for the month of October, as Morrigan Books is going to be involved in some competitions and exciting sales…more on that soon…those who are members of the Morrigan Books mailing list will actually find out first!

That’s been my last few days at Morrigan Books, what have you lot been up to?

Tips on voting in the forthcoming elections

I’ve been pretty quiet on here the last few days, especially regarding the elections (choosing to voice some anger about the rise of the fascist party in Sweden – Sverigedemokratarna) but thought it was high time to promote the Feminist party, seeing as things like: same wages for men and women, ‘no means no’ (regarding the rape question and the bizarre situation that after a woman has finally been brave enough to come forward and admit to being raped, is then treated like the guilty party until it can be proved she is speaking the truth), shorter working weeks and a better organised maternity/paternity leave system.

Makes sense eh?

With a week left to go the Allians (four right-wing parties) have moved up to 50% of the votes. However, statistics show that much can change in the run up to the election with a third of the voters choosing to vote in the last week (or on election day).

Let’s make a difference, for humanity’s sake.

Two month warning

And that was it, just like that, I woke up to the radio announcing that today was 13th September and panic hit within a second. For today marks the two month countdown for my 40th Birthday and the announcement of the top 40 songs of all time.

The panic is due to the fact that I made sure to have my 40 songs decided on a few weeks ago but have not done anything since. Coming home after a long long day has meant winding down with a couple of episodes of Fringe and not going through the tracks, organising them into their final selection.

It all changes today, as today is when I really start working on this tracks, getting them ready for the big day, for the lounge club round at our place. Before I head out for the day I’m having a look at the chart and seeing if the tracks make sense where they are. So far I’m guessing that the top ten is going to pretty set but that number 30 to 40 might need a bit of looking at.

Wish me luck!

Media players: the reprise

From the Foobar website and not my playlist...

And so this morning saw me finally uninstall Winamp from my computer. An audio player that’s been with me since I pretty much started using my computer for music on a regular basis (2002).

I’ve tested quite a few players over those years but always came back to my faithful Winamp. However, the limitations of the program were really beginning to bother me and a few weeks ago I installed Foobar2000, for the second time, and became hooked.

Weirdly enough the main thing that grabbed me was the fact that you can have the main menu showing your your folders by tree, rather than by artist or album. I have my albums categorised in a very particular way and this suits me down to the ground.

Even though Foobar claim that their player doesn’t sound any better than other players I tend to agree with Mike Stone, who argues it is sharper and cleaner.

Try it out if you haven’t yet, you might just love it.