2010 heralds the new era for the album of the year

Ooh, that all sounded dramatic didn’t it? You’d half expect that I have decided to release a couple of albums and set them up for contention – or even set up my own music company…hmm…

Anyway, on to the point and one thing that comes in this year is that I have decided to design the year’s best song CD cover by using a friend’s photo from the year (or that I have at least seen for the first time that year). I have several friends, very adept with a camera who have jumped up at this idea (well they said yes) and so this year’s photo comes from Karin Strand, and will be unveiled in the next couple of days.

So, the idea that was hatched yesterday was inspired directly by Ian Stackhouse and indirectly by Claudi Martin, as I’ve been having chats with both about this year’s music and Ian has been posting his top 15 albums bought in 2010 on his Facebook.

What am I doing then? Well, last year I announced the albums between 20 and 11 in the chart on 20th December, before announcing 10 to 6 on 23rd December before the all important top five on 31st December. Naming the top five on New Year’s Eve has been a tradition since 1999 and this year I change it…*gasp*…as this year I have a new schedule.

17th December (tomorrow) will see the announcement of the albums finishing in the 20-11 slots before we move on to the top ten albums of the year, which will be announced daily…yes, you heard me, daily.

Here’s the schedule:

Sunday 19th December: 10

Monday 20th December: 9

Tuesday 21st December: 8

Wednesday 22nd December: 7

Thursday 23rd December: 6

Monday 27th December: 5

Tuesday 28th December: 4

Wednesday 29th December: 3

Thursday 30th December: 2

Friday 31st December: 1

2010 is the year I turned 40 and the year I came up with the idea of the new covers (and new titles) for each year, so it makes sense if I’m going to change this, I should do it here.


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