Album of the Year 2010: Number 7

Emeralds: Does it Look Like I’m Here? (Editions Mego) [9.2]


There’s some nostalgia mixed in with this one, as it’s time for one of my embarrassing confessions here, being that I am actually a fan of the German synth band, Tangerine Dream. I still remember the day, when I was living in Copenhagen, and my flatmate came in and asked what the ‘Pac-man music’ was that I was playing…

Which goes some to explaining this particular album’s lofty position (actually less lofty than it was last week, when it was sitting in the top five and seemed to be a contender for number one), as there is a real sense of nostalgia when listening, as they seem to have taken the music of Tangerine Dream and upped the ante, to make something much more modern and accessible, whilst retaining the essence of the band of my youth.

Have a look at a section of my favourite track (and the longest) Genetic here:


5 minutes of the 12 minute classic on the album.

I think it’s the inclusion of the guitars that make Emeralds feel more solid/more real than a band like Tangerine Dream, as, although the purely synth music of bands like Tangerine Dream and others of their ilk has lost much of its popularity, the addition of instruments with ‘clout’ add a new dimension.

The album flows along very nicely, it shifts and sways at the right times and is further indication that you can wow me with instrumental albums (if the number one album of 2009 didn’t show that) rather than this misconception (mostly brought about by myself it has to be said) that I am lyric fixated.

And there is another completely instrumental album still to come in this chart…

[Look out tomorrow for number six before a well earned break for Christmas!]

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