Album of the Year 2010: Number 5

Holy Fuck: Latin (Holy Fuck Music) [9.4]


I’m brave enough to now admit that this is the highest placed instrumental album of 2010, meaning that there will be no repeat of 2009 and the shock of a completely instrumental album taking top spot. For this year the lyricists won out.

But the top five is no mean feat and this is one powerhouse of an album from mellow intro to powerful conclusion and I have listened to this album so, so much over the last few months, with it climbing up the chart with almost every reckoning.

The album was released with a bonus CD, titled + Ghost, which isn’t included in this verdict, being as I haven’t listened to it anywhere near as much and because, when seeing the comments and listings for the album, I only see Latin mentioned. Together they make a decent length album actually as Latin is a bit short on minutes, only racking up about 38 in total.

For lovers of the music over the lyrics there is a lot to admire here, and after my introduction to the band with their excellent 2007 album, LP, I am impressed by how ‘different’ they sound, especially in an age where everything sounds like something else. They are one of the few bands this year that I have trouble picking a band which compares when discussing them.

Have a look at the video for Red Lights, easily one of the silliest videos of the year (meaning it’s one of my favourites too):


Cat lovers everywhere rejoice!

An interesting side dish to this is that this is one of the bands that Maddoc has got a real kick out of when listening to over the Christmas holiday and asked the question I have dreaded him asking since I got the album earlier this year,

What’s this band called Daddy?

[Only four to go, but who’s there?]


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