Album of the Year 2010: Number 2

Eluvium: Similes (Temporary Residence) [9.6]


Number one since May but in the end not to be. I don’t know how much exposure I’ve given this album but it’s been a lot, I don’t know how often I’ve played it (but I suppose I could check on my stats…they have moved up to the 11th most played artist with 426 plays…that’s since I got, not this year) and everything was pointing to a top spot.

It’s very reminiscent of 2005, when, as I sat down on New Year’s Eve to write down the top five of the year, I had Andrew Bird’s The Mysterious Production of Eggs in the pole position…the winner? Patrick Wolf and Wind in the Wires. Here the decision was made harder/easier by the fact that I HAD to make the decision today, seeing as I have promised to announce number two now.

Regardless of my own exposure, this has been the album that has been the least talked about of my top ten, and, in fact, the only one that wasn’t on any of the year’s best that I have read so far and I just don’t get it. The album is a masterpiece and draws you in immediately, with haunting melodies and a voice slightly reminiscent of Berninger’s of The National. In fact someone commented on it being a more chilled version of The National’s music.

I also found them quite hard to find on YouTube and had to go for the album cover, along with my favourite song from the album (I think), the opener, Leaves Eclipse the Light.


Album cover of the year, from second placed album of the year

And it’s here I can announce that I have decided on this particular album as album cover of the year, being as I think it’s as haunting and as beautiful as the tracks within. So much so that I am due to be in talks soon about the artist possibly doing a cover for a Morrigan Books’ title in the not so distant future…

Anyway, there is a lot more I want to say here about the band, the album, the cover but I’m not going to. The reason for this is that I have secured an interview with the man behind Eluvium, Matthew Cooper, and I’m adding that and a review of the band (rather than one album) in the next issue of the b0t magazine mentioned yesterday.

So for now, all I can say is I’m not surprised if you’ve missed the might of Eluvium this year but if you have, remedy it and remedy it fast!

[Around lunchtime tomorrow sees the number one album of 2010 and for at least two reading this it is going to be a shock of epic proportions, so don’t miss it!]


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