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Song of the Week for last week

Sitting down today to listen to some new music, made me remember that I hadn’t posted last week’s song of the week, and, rather than accept that I had failed before I had even begun, I decided to post it right here and now, especially seeing as I know what it is:


Not a video but at least you get the tune!

I came across this one after subscribing to a friend’s Spotify playlist (yes, even I have to accept they are good for something sometimes).

Anyway, the tune has rather an interesting melody in the beginning, flowing along nicely before ending with a cracking little piece of music. I reacted very favourably to it on first listen but the more I hear it, the more it grows – especially from about the two minute mark.

Listening to this inspired me to get the album In Ear Park (which incidentally this isn’t on) and I’m thoroughly enjoying that too!

So thanks go to Aleksander, for steering me towards a cracking artist!

Gareth L. Powell signs with literary agent Sharon Ring


January 9th 2011 – Bristol and Manchester, UK

Gareth L Powell and Sharon Ring sign author/agent contract.

Gareth L Powell has signed up with Literary Agent Sharon Ring. Sharon Ring will act as agent in regard to five titles, Revenant Skies; Reclaiming The Dead; Silversands (originally published with Pendragon Press); The Last Reef (originally published with Elastic Press); The New Ships.

Gareth is rapidly gaining a reputation as a “strong new voice in epic science fiction” (Solaris). In addition to his previously published novel (Silversands) and collection (The Last Reef), Gareth has appeared in several anthologies, including including Shine (Solaris Books, 2010), Conflicts (NewCon Press, 2010), 2020 Visions (M-Brane, 2010), Dark Spires (Wizard’s Tower, 2010), and Future Bristol (Swimming Kangaroo, 2009). His short story Ack-Ack Macaque won the Interzone Readers’ Poll for best short story of 2007; and Solaris will publish his second novel The Recollection in September this year.

Gareth said, "With two novels and a collection under my belt, I’m glad to have someone with Sharon’s contacts and chutzpah to help me scout out the territory ahead. I expect this will be a successful and productive partnership for us both."

Sharon said, “Gareth is an ideal writer to join forces with at this time. The more I read his work, the more I feel he is poised to have wider success in the science fiction community. He has a strong narrative voice; concise, direct and, above all, very human in the exploration of his chosen themes. I’m delighted to be forming this partnership.”

A full list of Gareth’s published work can be found at

All enquiries regarding this deal should be directed to Sharon Ring:

The Year’s Best (aka ‘Ej i trafik 2010’)!

And what better way to start than with the CD’s cover, generously donated by Karin Strand:


A wonderful picture, taken in Norrköping’s town centre, and not only was I eager to use the photo for the cover this year but also decided to use the message on the tram as the album title.

Ej i trafik literally translates to ‘not in traffic’, although our translation would be ‘not in service’. Due to receiving a few comments about me being a music listener who didn’t follow mainstream music too much, I thought the tram’s message had a double-meaning, one for itself and one for the album’s contents. Karin was happy with me using the cover and so, here it is!

I do have a download of the compilation for your musical edification but was forced to break it down into two zip files, due to my sharing settings. Basically Part One will give you the first ten tracks, along with the cover (above) and inlay and Part Two is tracks eleven to seventeen.

Part One

Part Two

[Please note that these two downloads expire 14th January]

I’ve also been nagged about this Spotify gubbins and how wonderful it is – I so don’t agree and think it’s another tool to help destroy music as we know it – well maybe not that extreme but time will tell…anyway I’ve put it there too, if you so prefer:

Spotify playlist

Go enjoy, comment, check out the artists!

Song of the Week returns in 2011

Something that I started a few years ago, and that has drifted in and out of favour on my sites, has got it’s renaissance on THE Music Reviewer and big thanks go to Ian Stackhouse for indirectly getting me started.

Basically, the song of the week is not a song released that week (or even that year) but one that has found itself stuck on my media player over the week, something that has affected me, for whatever reason.

And this week’s goes to Dave Matthews Band and Warehouse, from their debut album Under the Table and Dreaming.


Warehouse live in NYC

I came to the band a little late (in 1999) when a good friend bought me Before these Streets. It took me a while but I started to get into the album and counted it good enough for me to get Crash soon after. My interest dwindled a little, however and even though I have listened to most of their albums after the two mentioned above, I have not really come to the level of considering myself a fan.

Ian was amazed that I hadn’t given their first album a listen and pushed me to get hold of this one. He claimed it was worth a listen if only for Ants Marching, of course that’s not my favourite (even though I like it) and I was happily listening until Warehouse came on and made me react a little stronger.

I think where this song stands out for me initially is that the opening reminds me of The Stone, easily DMB best song, and lyrically-wise it’s an interesting track too.

Enjoy and look out for this as a regular feature this year (oh dear, just think I put the kiss of death on it now…)