The Year’s Best (aka ‘Ej i trafik 2010’)!

And what better way to start than with the CD’s cover, generously donated by Karin Strand:


A wonderful picture, taken in Norrköping’s town centre, and not only was I eager to use the photo for the cover this year but also decided to use the message on the tram as the album title.

Ej i trafik literally translates to ‘not in traffic’, although our translation would be ‘not in service’. Due to receiving a few comments about me being a music listener who didn’t follow mainstream music too much, I thought the tram’s message had a double-meaning, one for itself and one for the album’s contents. Karin was happy with me using the cover and so, here it is!

I do have a download of the compilation for your musical edification but was forced to break it down into two zip files, due to my sharing settings. Basically Part One will give you the first ten tracks, along with the cover (above) and inlay and Part Two is tracks eleven to seventeen.

Part One

Part Two

[Please note that these two downloads expire 14th January]

I’ve also been nagged about this Spotify gubbins and how wonderful it is – I so don’t agree and think it’s another tool to help destroy music as we know it – well maybe not that extreme but time will tell…anyway I’ve put it there too, if you so prefer:

Spotify playlist

Go enjoy, comment, check out the artists!


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