Song of the Week for last week

Sitting down today to listen to some new music, made me remember that I hadn’t posted last week’s song of the week, and, rather than accept that I had failed before I had even begun, I decided to post it right here and now, especially seeing as I know what it is:


Not a video but at least you get the tune!

I came across this one after subscribing to a friend’s Spotify playlist (yes, even I have to accept they are good for something sometimes).

Anyway, the tune has rather an interesting melody in the beginning, flowing along nicely before ending with a cracking little piece of music. I reacted very favourably to it on first listen but the more I hear it, the more it grows – especially from about the two minute mark.

Listening to this inspired me to get the album In Ear Park (which incidentally this isn’t on) and I’m thoroughly enjoying that too!

So thanks go to Aleksander, for steering me towards a cracking artist!


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