30 Day Song Challenge: Day 27

Day 27: A Song you wish you could play

[Note: I didn’t post anything yesterday or Saturday, as not only am I copying Steve Duffy’s idea of going in reverse order, but I’m also radically not posting at the weekends…]

This one should be incredibly easy as I can’t even play ‘Row, row, row your boat’ on our piano at home, meaning most music is beyond me.

So when anything goes the choices get more difficult…


It’s the harp, so it is!

I’ve been obsessed by the harp for many years but my dreams of playing it were dashed a few years ago when my wife tried to book harp lessons in our town for me as a birthday present. The first question the teacher asked her was how long I’d been playing the piano…and that was that.

Unless I start playing the piano soon of course…

Anyway, this is taken from my album last year, which was due mostly to the amount this instrument was used. I’m a sucker for the harp and can even get excited when hearing one on a dodgy pop song.


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