Album of the Year – 2011: The ‘rejects’


I’m not sure I should be saying this, as it’s rather a harsh word for merely describing music that’s not my taste or not my thing…although, wait a minute, that means it is a reject, that it’s not good enough – for my music matters of course. Any reading this now might have different opinions/favourites and you’re entitled to them. If they’re not the same as mine though, they’re wrong – interesting to read but ultimately wrong…Oh you’re glad I’m back, I can tell…

Let’s start with a couple of obvious ones, that is albums that aren’t allowed in the chart, due to them being best ofs or discographies (a rule set up long ago) and in this small list we have Ladytron’s Best Of 00-10, which has actually had a bit of airtime this year. I’m not their biggest fan but this is a good album with some obvious foot-tappers in there.

Next up was an album that should really have been titled ‘The Worst Of’ rather than Director’s Cut, by otherwise rather talented artist, Kate Bush. Seeing as she also released another album this year, this one seems ill-timed. Even with the news that she was finally given permission to use lines from James Joyce’s Ulysses, she still manages to work seven songs and turn them into a kind of George Lucas project…rubbish I tells ya!

Iron Maiden’s From Fear to Eternity, and Amanda Palmer’s Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, have also been played quite a bit but ultimately the live album is an issue for me too (see above).

Time to upset the locals now with some obvious albums (for them) that were not worth any kind of sustained listening as they just failed to hold my attention. They are: British Sea Power with Valhalla Dancehall, R.E.M. and Collapse into Now, for they are tosh when all is said and done, The Strokes with Angles, and The Low Anthem and Smart Flesh.

Now I’ve destroyed a few Christmases, I’d better move onto those that I either had no expectations of, or that I was quite sure I wouldn’t like anyway but wanted to keep an open mind with as long as I could. In this list are: Adele and 21, (told you), DJ Quik with The Book of David, Destroyer and Kaputt, Ice Age with New Brigade, Krallice and Diotima, (the last three a little trilogy of screaming vocalists). I wasn’t expecting much from Duran Duran’s All you Need is Now, but man that album is bloody awful.

Sorry to disappoint Andrew McKiernan but I did listen to the recommended Father, Son, Holy Ghost, by Girls and found it wanting. I can’t put my finger on it but one of my initial comments was ‘kitsch’.

And last, and maybe even least, comes: Liturgy with Aesthethica, and House of Balloons by The Weeknd.

Next up will be those not making it to stage three (probably early next week).


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