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Tips on voting in the forthcoming elections

I’ve been pretty quiet on here the last few days, especially regarding the elections (choosing to voice some anger about the rise of the fascist party in Sweden – Sverigedemokratarna) but thought it was high time to promote the Feminist party, seeing as things like: same wages for men and women, ‘no means no’ (regarding the rape question and the bizarre situation that after a woman has finally been brave enough to come forward and admit to being raped, is then treated like the guilty party until it can be proved she is speaking the truth), shorter working weeks and a better organised maternity/paternity leave system.

Makes sense eh?

With a week left to go the Allians (four right-wing parties) have moved up to 50% of the votes. However, statistics show that much can change in the run up to the election with a third of the voters choosing to vote in the last week (or on election day).

Let’s make a difference, for humanity’s sake.