Music Reviewing

Well I’ve had music on my blog before and last year (2008), I set up a new blog on Word Press, devoted to my album of the year selection. Something happened and I can’t access the blog anymore, after setting up my Mark Deniz one here.

Due to that, and me changing a few priorities around this year, I’m going to be getting going with this here blog in good time for the selection for album of the year 2009, with the first stage being the removal of any album that received a score of less than 7 from me this year. The next stages will be the 7-8 selection, the 8-9 and finally the top ten albums of 2009, with comments and waffle along the way.

There will also be the obligatory Song of the Year too, which I can already say is being hotly contested over here. This year also sees the inclusion of a couple of new categories: Album Title of the Year and Song Title of the Year. Why? Cause I feel like it! 🙂

So if you haven’t been bombarded with the music tastes of Mark Deniz so far, sit back and relax, it won’t hurt that much…


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