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42 or the meaning of life: Part One

My first stark image of the day would have to be the nuthatch I spotted whilst cycling to work, after having dropped off my boy at school.

‘Fall Colors Nuthatch’ by Lara Ellis

In what way is a nuthatch symbolic? Well, we have to go way back, back around 32 years in fact to Mark as a mere ten year old, fascinated by animals and, with his grandmother’s guidance, learning about the animal world through books and forays into the local area.

The guidance was not so much hands-on as spiritual, based on the fact that my grandmother was bed-ridden at this time, a result of being diagnosed with TB when she was just three years old. At that time, the solution was that the patient should get as much bed rest as possible, a total contradicton to today’s advice. My grandmother was ill her entire life, using a walking stick in my early years, a wheelchair from my being about five or six and becoming confined to bed, with frequent stays in the hospital, as I turned ten, finally dying at 49, when I was only twelve years old.

However, she remains a massive influence in my life, governing certain decisions I make today and responsible for many of my life values (for good or ill).

On a grey day in Burnley, at ten years old, I asked my mother if I could buy a print, which depicted a nuthatch on a tree. It cost £5.00 and my mother thought I could spend my money on something more reasonable for a boy my age, like Lego, for example.

But I was determined and not suprisingly when I returned home with my prize (bought with my own spending money, I might add), my grandmother naturally loved it. It went up on my wall the same day and remained with me for many years before going the same way as much of my stuff when I was foolish enough to store several boxes in our damp, dark cellar, whilst I travelled around the world.

So the nuthatch was a symbol on this day, my meaning of life day, when it reminded me of my grandmother and all that she gave me, still gives me and how I can never truly thank her for it all.


Life being what it is

Birthday wishes to both dracschick  and reannon  today – have a great day ladies!

After illness abated (partially) I was dismayed to get the crash of all crashes on the PC. However, I have gotten rather good at backups and so only lost the odd thing to the C drive having to be formatted (my Lego Batman saves being the biggest, seeing as FIFA09 is always backed up to the D).

Been rather absent from the workings of Morrigan Books over the last month but this is where having a dedicated team helps no end, as they’ve been running around like termites/ants/bees and getting stuff done in my absence.

I should have some news regarding all that very soon – once I’ve caught up with e-mails and the team.

Hope all is well in LJ world and remember, for those wondering where my personal stuff is, that’s over at sunlit_oakk now.

38 eh? Let’s see how that feels…

First up, thanks for all the lovely messages on LJ and Facebook and e-mail yesterday, I was very touched.

From 2008-11-13 Mark turns 38

There you have one of the perfect moments from the day. Some other stuff I did (for those interested) was:

Listen to some tunes (I really needed to catch up on some listening, especially with the deadline for new albums in just a couple of weeks).

Prepared my preliminary invite for my 40th birthday party – yes 40th, it needs planning I tells ya!

Played Lego Batman – I have much love for this game and it pees all over Lego Indiana Jones from a great height (the latter being much jumping and not much else) and I might even go as far as to say it is better than Lego Star Wars. I know, I know, it’s a crazy thing to say but it just feels like that at the mo.

Watched the first half of the mini-series of BSG with etina, in order to get her interested so we can go through the whole thing together, whilst doing my reviews for ASif! at the same time.

Had the lovely audrey_deniz with me (as in pic) for a whole two hours without protest.

Watched highlights of the Chelsea vs Burnley game in the Carling Cup. We beat Chelsea, at home, Chelsea!

Had maddoc_deniz make me a nice coffee (with a little help from his mummy) and share ice-cream (and later pizza) with me.

Took Maddoc to his swimming lesson and got a cool photo of him underwater.

Got a lovely card from the wife, which pretty much said everything I needed to hear.

Watched a bit of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (as I’m doing that new father thing of only being able to watch things longer than a tv episode in stages and because I’m not that impressed so far).

All in all a jolly nice day!

(notice the music isn’t Chad!)

And it’s Happy Birthday time!

All the best wishes to the lovely aravah, hope you have a fun-filled day and a productive and successful year!

Huge Birthday Hugs

To wedschilde of course, that talented artist, writer and more importantly, dear, dear friend!

Have a wonderful day hun and hope this year is your best yet!

Happy Birthday!

Huge birthday hugs to

, one of my dearest friends!

Hope you have the bestest year ever (especially for book reviews… *winks*)!

In other news I’m so far behind I think I’ve got in front of myself! (Anybody waiting for mails, I apologise and am going through them as I write…)

Sorry for the double-up (friends of both myself and the firstborn)

But I just love this:

Maddoc’s First Two Years

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you…

… and you’re poorly

Poor little mite, he had a cold on his first birthday and now, a fever, on his second. This is only Maddoc’s second day home from nursery since he started in January (the first being yesterday).

He was much better this morning and I took him there at 07:15 for his breakfast, with ice-cream, meringue, bananas and chocolate sauce for his friends and their 10:00 break.

At 08:20 I got the call, telling me that I needed to come back and pick him up as he wasn’t himself. He’s now having a nap after getting a birthday treat of a few Thomas the Tank Engine episodes. (

mentioned his daughter being wise enough to avoid Thomas due to the beatles link. Maddoc has been spared the beatles in this home and so was more positive to Mr. Starr)

He enjoyed it but agrees it’s not a patch on Ivor the Engine!

When he wakes up I think I’ll introduce him to something else before we read some books together.

Anybody awaiting contact from me for whatever reason, don’t be surprised if I’m out of contact until Saturday (as Maddoc is home for the next three days).

Happy Birthday!

To that most wondrous of people


Thank you for being such a star and helping me out with so much this last year, for giving me lots of support, nudges in the right direction and advice!

Hope you have wonderful day!

(what do you mean it’s over, Ijust got up?)

Birthday Time!

And the biggest happy birthday wishes ever for the wonderful


Happy Birthday!!!

(and I get to use the bloody icon again!)