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It's Eels day!

Due to a friend of mine’s recent dive into the world of the music of the Eels, I booted up the machine, cranked up the volume and started Foobar2000, selecting my Eels folder and chucking the whole playlist on random!

Ooh the joy!

I have also decided to return to my Friday music video slot, something I used to do back on Live Journal and something that Lou Morgan has inspired me to do again.

And so, for those not having seen the light yet, I give you the Eels!

The next album on my playlist

As the Arcade Fire’s latest album, The Suburbs, draws to a close, I ready myself for today’s delivery by the great, the mighty, Eels!

There is some small part of me wondering why the man called E has decided to go from an album a year to two, as End Times was also released this year but hey, it’s the Eels, one of my 13 gods/goddesses of music and they can pretty much do anything and I’ll be happy!

Here it comes…expect a review soon!