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What he hears in the dark

Twice today I managed to force myself on my new(ish) health program – the magic of walking. I suppose it is power walking of a sort, as I get my running gear on, pick an album to pop on the MP3 player (just now my mobile phone) and set off, walking as fast as a can for as long as I feel like (around an hour).

Tonight was a walk around one of our areas of scenic beauty in Norrköping, Strömmen (translated directly it’s the stream but it’s a bit bigger than that) in the dark. I realised, once I’d left the lit area, that I was getting a little nervous. It reminded me the stark contrast to when I walked through the park home in Burnley in my early teens, totally oblivious to the real dangers in the area (preferring to worry about witches and the like). In years since I have read about abuse, murder, rape and the like in the stretch between Burnley’s town centre and my family home.

And I’m back on the life is short, life is fleeting, what’s it all mean pondering. I mean, when I started planning my ‘meaning of life’ party this year (as I turn 42), I wasn’t aware just how much of a mid-life crisis I’d put myself through. I suppose at least that means that I’ll live to 84 now instead of 70 (seeing as I had a mid-life crisis party 2005.)

But the walking feels more my thing at the moment, being as the music really inspires me and I also realised today I can walk pretty rapid when I feel like it (especially when it’s dark…).

The album of choice today was Archive and With Us Until You’re Dead and it’s already a classic – I leave you with the first single from the album: Violently


Life… as it is…

(written at 16.00 29th December 2008)

Sitting here, in my new office, (after finding out I have no network cable and the wireless is password protected), I realise this is my first time on the computer since 23rd December, and even though it is only six days ago it feels like three weeks.

Christmas Eve was very relaxed, with me spending the morning preparing our Christmas dinner (celebrated 24th here) and later engaged in different activities with the boy. After dinner, we watched Kalle Anka (Donald Duck to most of us), a Swedish religious event (honestly don’t ring or go near anyone for that hour without a jolly good reason!).

Maddoc then opened some of his presents (we had none ourselves due to the events of last year) and he and I spent a few hours building his new train track and adding Percy, Toby and James to the track to meet Thomas (Thomas and Friends).

Etina and I watched a bit of telly after Maddoc went to bed and listened to the last stave of A Christmas Carol (yearly tradition), before going off to bed.

25th was a similar day and as relaxing before the weekend (26th, 27th and 28th) of non-stop visitors. By me saying I have been climbing into bed at five to be up again at nine is not an exaggeration, as well-wishers, friends, family and those curious about Audrey have made their way to our front door.

My top ten album selection has suffered a tad for that as I’ve not had the opportunity to listen as much as I would like. I’m pretty sure what I’m up to but it’s nice to be totally focused. I’m listening to a couple now, one I thought should be higher when I listened last week and one that should be higher now that I’ve given it a definitive (18th) listen.

Managed to have some huge chats with Etina over the holiday and the question of exercise and health came up again. There has been some real motivation within me mentally, of late, and 26th (my mum’s birthday) I managed a thirty minute run and today I braved the -8C weather and cycled for an hour and fifteen minutes. My new mountain bike enjoyed the run but my feet sure as hell didn’t with me giving them a warmish bath when I returned home to stave off chill blanes.

And that’s been me, what have you been up to?

(Edit: now it’s 29th at 20.16 and we’ve just said goodbye to another visitor – I can’t remember the last time I was this tired, oh and I ran for forty minutes today… )

That year of me malarky

I like malarky as a word, especially as it says so much about me… *winks*

Forgive my tardiness

but welcome to my lj. I hope you are having fun so far!

Anyway what’s all this stuff going on?

Eneit Press has some news this week, which can be found on the linkage.

Gilgamesh Press gets a real boost already, with the news of an invitation to a book fair, attended by Assyrian writers and to be shown on a satellite tv channel that often gets between 2,000,000 and 3,000,000 viewers for its weekend shows. That Gilgamesh Press has been invited already, without even having a book out, is rather impressive and there will be much promo for that.

Went out for a run yesterday. After three or four days of 13 hour days, sat here going through the various business developments, I decided I needed to get out, clear my head. It was really good and I managed 8km in just under 50 minutes, helped muchly by The God Machine and their incredible album Scenes from the Second Storey.

Oh and I had an idea for another anthology whilst on the run; it’s bloody fabulous! However due to having a few projects in progress and discussing a six book deal with an author – more news on that to follow – I decided to just jot it down and pretend to forget it – my but it’s good!

We’ve got a new contributing editor over at Eneit Press too. His name is Skadi meic Beorh, contributing editor at The Willows magazine and a jolly nice fella too. He has rather a tasty anthology for us but lips are sealed until everything is finalised… *is excited*

The Stars of Speculative Fiction is looking a bit good too with participants until late June so far. I believe Fridays are going to be interesting from here on in (no of course they weren’t before, whatcha talking about?)!

That’s about it for now, I think but I’ll be back with more when it comes in.

This and that…

… and of course the other.

Happy birthday to exp_err (even though it’s almost over for you over there)!

Yesterday I played tennis for an hour and today I rowed 4km and ran 3km (in the gym) and so feeling pretty pleased with myself (and sprightly too)!

Booked the tickets for England yesterday and will be travelling there for Christmas this year. There were lots of uhmms and ahhhs about this one but felt that it had to be done.

For some reason my windows live messenger isn’t working (not that anyone apart from eneit will care)…

monkey over and out.

Haven’t lost any of the flist yet!

I’m still there, still hanging in on the flists even though football is dominating my LJ at the moment. You know it’s a temporary thing, you know it only lasts as long as the tournament… don’t you?

I realised just how much I have put on my creative plate for this year and it is very scary indeed; it is do-able but with tight deadlines hovering over it all becomes a bit more stressful and nailbiting.

Writing is going well though, I said I would take a break when baby boy was born but wasn’t able to. I was given confirmation that a short story I pitched would be commissioned for this year and had to write that the first month Maddoc was around. I did it and received an edited version yesterday which I am very happy with!

The film has been mentioned and that story will be started this week in amongst the tumult of the World Cup.

I have even managed to get my fitness regime not only started but in full swing. Monday I cycled with my friend Micke for nearly two hours, yesterday I swam for just over an hour and today had a thirty minute run… I have realised new levels of tiredness but am feeling pretty kick-arse too!

The reading has slowed down but I kind of expected that. I get home from my friend Micke’s (no not him, another one) at eleven and crash (not tonight of course!) thus eliminating reading time (I get a chapter if I’m lucky).

I’ve recently got Skype too and so if anyone fancies hearing how I sound then let me know and I’ll set you up on my account and we can have a chat. It’s free if you have broadband (and of course you have to do this wild_heart). Let me know if you’ve got it.

Not a lot more just now but I’ll be back…