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Media players: the reprise

From the Foobar website and not my playlist...

And so this morning saw me finally uninstall Winamp from my computer. An audio player that’s been with me since I pretty much started using my computer for music on a regular basis (2002).

I’ve tested quite a few players over those years but always came back to my faithful Winamp. However, the limitations of the program were really beginning to bother me and a few weeks ago I installed Foobar2000, for the second time, and became hooked.

Weirdly enough the main thing that grabbed me was the fact that you can have the main menu showing your your folders by tree, rather than by artist or album. I have my albums categorised in a very particular way and this suits me down to the ground.

Even though Foobar claim that their player doesn’t sound any better than other players I tend to agree with Mike Stone, who argues it is sharper and cleaner.

Try it out if you haven’t yet, you might just love it.