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England vs Sweden – a mini-report

Welbeck hits a clever winner

I’ve been reading quite a bit since last night, from both Swedes and Englishmen, about who deserved to win last night, whether the score was fair, with a few grudges starting to spill out.

I’m not sure I understand this one so much, as if we were to take the Czech Repulic vs Greece game, in which the Czechs won 2-1, then you can really start a debate off, seeing as the Czechs believe they should have had a penalty and Greece had a legitimate goal ruled offside. Both game changers.

Here’s how I see England vs Sweden: two teams played for a win, a win which both needed, England to aim for the top of the group and Sweden to physically have a chance of going further.

Both sides were very dangerous going forward, as proved by five goals being scored and Joe Hart and Andreas Isaksson having to pull off some cracking saves during the course of the match. The pick of the bunch being Isaksson’s against Gerrard in the dying minutes and Joe Hart’s punch from Ibrahimovic’s stinger.

However, both sides were extremely shaky at the back, again highlighted by the score and how exposed the keepers were at times and this could have gone either way.

One team took three of their chances and one team took two. There were no contentious decisions, no penalty shouts, no missed handballs, etc., etc. The game was played at a good pace, entertaining to watch (for the neutral – I was biting my nails throughout) and nothing, nothing in the match shows that either team can feel that the elements, the fates or, more importantly, the referee, were against them.

England scored three and Sweden scored two. A fair game and a fair result I feel. If Sweden had won with the 2-1 scoreline they held, I would have said the same thing (albeit in a grumpier tone).

The harsh reality for Sweden is that they played two, lost two, and it is incredibly difficult to proceed with that start. If they had played against Ukraine they way they played against us, I think they would have beaten the Ukraines. And then everything would be different.

But it isn’t.

We are not through yet, for if we slip up against Ukraine and France win, then we are also out. It is in our hands to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Commiserations go to Sweden and good luck to England on Tuesday.

We’ll need it.

Back… I think…

I am back in Sweden now, getting my head around this pile of stuff in front of me and wondering if I can become a master of FIFA 08 just before FIFA 09 comes out (next Friday).

Caught up with Supernatural (first two episodes of the fourth season), which was tops and the first episode of season three of Heroes, which was rubbish, and, unless my memory fails (which it may well do) has a massive continuity guff in it.

Maddoc is making me smile but I only saw Etina briefly yesterday morn, as she left for the Gothenburg book convention early on. I’m looking forward to seeing her tonight.

More later… when I shake the mush out of my ears…

Reasons why I still watch football #7382

Group C

Netherlands vs Italy 3-0

Mark’s prediction 1-2

Wow! I mean. Just. Wow!

Euro 2008: Day One – Part One

I wasn’t sure I was going to do this due to the fact thatEngland are not in but hey, I likes me footie!

Group A
Switzerland vs Czech Republic 0-1

Mark’s prediction 0-2

I thought the Czechs would win (my team in this tournament) but I thought it might be slightly easier than it was. Switzerland are strong defensively and it took a pretty amateur mistake for the Czech Republic to finally find a way through.

They’ve got three points out of three so I’m happy with that.

Kicking off in about 25 mins we have:

Portugal vs Turkey

Mark’s prediction 3-1

Everyone is going to be watching Ronaldo in this one and I think the Portugese are a stronger side than Turkey.

A week without a post, what is the world coming to?

I knew things had been buzzing along this week but I hadn’t realised just how much!

E-mails have been flying in like crazy and due to trying to take it easy in recovery mode, I have limited my time on here. I had a few projects that were very near completion and that were bothering me, making me concentrate on getting them out of the way.

The light has been seen now and I can concentrate on the big stuff that looms around the corner…

I’ve had a few new ideas on the way I want some writing to go, enough for me to be excited by it but not enough that I could explain it without it sounding like gibberish.

I’ve also contacted a couple of big names (and I mean big) with a view to getting them on the books over at Morrigan. It would show my commitment to making Morrigan Books a force to be reckoned with and I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself that I can at least ask, that my aim is not just an empty aim but that I prepared to throw the resources into it too.

I’m ploughing my way through Blake’s 7 too and can let you know that Nyssa at A Boy Goes on a Journey (new site, looking funky), has agreed to take an episode by episode review of the four series. Expect more news for that soon.

The Euro starts tomorrow too and even though I said I wouldn’t be watching, due to the absence of England, I can feel the old big tournament feelings coming through. In truth I have got a major soft spot for the Czech Republic and am hoping that they will make it one step further than in 1996 (when they lost in the final to Germany).

I may please

and do a day by day analysis of the tournament (as he loved the 2006 World Cup one).

It’s Sweden’s national day today and so Maddoc is free from nursery and Etina free from work – I’m about to have some lunch with them…

I’m not sure I liked it in there…

That internet going all over the place and room chaos and poorly people, it makes your hair fall out I’m sure of it… well that’s the excuse I’m going with anyway…

I’m back!!

Although briefly, as I’ve just found out that Swedish TV is actually going to show the Champions League final tonight and so I’m off to watch that in about half an hour or so. Just thought I’d update a little and let you know I’m back and in a much better mood. Thanks for all the comments and well-wishes as they cheered me up no end!

Another thing that came at the wrong time was Yahoo! losing the plot, I know that at least two others on the flist were having the same problem but I had linked it to our net problems. Now messenger is playing up to and so we’ll have to see how long that lasts.

If I hadn’t gone onto LJ last night, I would have thought that I had received one comment, seeing as that was what Yahoo! was telling me.

Some comments on Dexter coming up and hopefully a post on Heroes tomorrow…

Back again… sort of…

Well you can’t have it all can you? I’m back after a very enjoyable head wetting weekend, which included a good football game, fun night out with friends and a wander around the capital, buying masses of books for the boy, along with a couple of cds and a wicked little t-shirt (picture coming soon)!

However my LJ experience will be greatly diminished from now until 18th September, as a few months ago I foolishly signed up to say that I would work for the Swedish government with the elections (to take place 17th September). This means that, depending on shifts, I could be out of the flat between 09:00 – 19:00 on weekdays and 10:00 – 15:00 on Saturdays, with Sundays off for good behaviour.


All aspects of the monkey as a writer are going to suffer, with LJ the biggest victim. Well this is what happens when you are a struggling writer, needing to take all opportunities to further your aspirations and keep you at home a bit longer…

And I’m off again…

In four hours I will be catching the bus to the airport before flying to London for the weekend. It is the head-wetting party for Maddoc and there will be six of us in total.

We get there at around 23:00 tonight and then we’ll have a wander around London tomorrow before going to watch Crystal Palace vs Burnley at Selhurst Park. Then we are going to spend the rest of the evening in London (with hilarious results).

See you soon…

Serves you f**king right!!

It’s nice to see that not all conspiracy goes unpunished!

Italian football scandal

They so deserve it (although I feel sorry for the fans)!

Whoops nearly forgot the final!

Third place play-off will be coming later but here’s a quick prediction for the final in half an hour:

Italy vs France
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

I would very much like France to win this but have made the mistake of predicting against Italy (actually France as well) before and can’t see France getting through that Italian defence more than once.

The Italian attack has been impressive in certain games and a couple of times against Portugal, the French looked shaky.

All I can say is come on Zidane, Henry and company!