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Three Crow Press Issue Three – IT’S ALIVE

May 2009 – Issue Three, Volume One

* Blue by Catherine Knutsson
* Emergency Repairs by Glenn Lewis Gillette
* Eridian Ice by T.A. Moore
* Liver and Onions by C.M. Shelvin
* Memories by Nu Yang
* The Corruption by Brian Dolton
* To Stone by Shannon Page and Jay Lake
* What Must Be Done by Gary McMahon

Morrigan Books – Grants Pass Extras
* Snake Oil by David Priebe
* Warlord of Rhode Island by Rick Silva

Small Press Interview – Verb Noir by T.A. Moore

Featured Artist – George Cotronis

Reviews and Articles
* Magic Strikes Review by Reece Notley
* Sleight of Hand by Joss Lanyon
* Partners in Crime 4 Review by Emerald Jaguar

State of the Crow – Morrigan Books

Three Crow Press – New Issue LIVE

(Taken from the LJ this weekend)

The Erotica Issue of Three Crow Press has gone live! It is not work safe, so wasn’t it nice of us to go live on a three day weekend?

Inside this issue:


* Look But Don’t Touch by Fran Walker
* Eye Candy by Joe Nazare
* Lucinda by Gerard Brennan
* Need by Jean Langill
* Scoring Too by Carl Hose
* So Hot by John Miller
* Transmission by Michael R. Fosburg
* Wolf Spider by Mina Kelly

Author Interview – Stacia Kane by T.A. Moore

Featured Artist – Kirika Moth by Reece Notley

Reviews and Articles

* World Review – Anya Bast: Elemental Witch Series – by J. Lee Moffatt
* The C Word by Stacia Kane
* Lust and the Bad Boy by Reece Notley

State of the Crow – Morrigan Books

Stuff and stuff and more… stuff

Well apparently this time around it’s stomach flu, due to the boy getting it first and hints that the girl got it too (hard to tell with her due to symptons being inline with being a baby – however, she has been one hell of hard work these last two days, highly unusual). I’m not so sure as I feel like I must have gotten some weird variant, including thunderous headaches but missing the vomit (of that I’m thankful – vomit not headaches you see).

But what else?

Well the Preditors and Editors poll for all sorts of literature in 2008 has gone up and there are a few interesting categories and voting options for you:

Our very own Reece Notley has been nominated for best zine editor for her work on Three Crow Press, which you really should be checking out (if you haven’t already)!

Our very own Jenn Moffat has been nominated for both her own zine: Drops of Crimson and Three Crow Press (which are both lovely) and as editor for Drops of Crimson!

Voices has been nominated for the best anthology.

Both myself and Amanda Pillar have been nominated for best book editor (she’s better looking but I have better taste in music).

Morrigan Books has also been nominated as best book publisher.

And dear friend Jennifer Brozek has been nominated for best zine editor and best zine with The Edge of Propinquity, (same links as above).

I nominated Gary McMahon as best author (for he rocketh).

Now my head is pounding so I need a break – see you all soon, I hope!

Three Crow Press – The Morrigan Books Ezine


Three Crow Press

On the winter solstice, Morrígan Books will celebrate the divide of light and dark by launching its online magazine, Three Crow Press.

Three Crow Press is an online magazine specializing in quality speculative fiction, supernatural, fantasy (urban, dark and gothic), horror and steampunk as well as non-fiction pieces and articles. Well written young adult will be considered if the piece is within the 16+ market. We are prepared to consider all genre-related works and are looking for stories that capture the imagination of the Three Crow staff.

Winter Solstice Deadline: December 1, 2008

Fiction Word Count and Parameters: Stories should be between 500 and 3,000 words. There is no theme to the issue but story must fit within the specified genres. Payment for submissions are 1 cent (US) per word following acceptance.

Settings: Any part of the world, mythology or culture.

Timeline: We will consider any story set at any time in the past, present or near future as long as the story is within the specified genres.

All materials must be an original work by the submitting individual. Reprint copyrights will remain with you. No simultaneous submissions will be accepted. Previously published material will only be accepted if discussed with the editor first.

For more information please go to Three Crow Press Submissions at: