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Too tired…

… even to post, that’s why I’ve tried my hand at my own voice post…

The Monkey’s Voice Post

(be warned, I go on a bit!)

The Poll (for the previous post)!

The time for the polls is over…

… drum roll please… okay then maybe not!

I had two outstanding polls that are now closed and they were:

The Kooky Divas poll: Three contenders and Kristin Hersh and Fiona Apple both got four votes each, technically making it a draw. Now I’m not one for draws so to make this poll fair I will take my vote away, meaning that Fiona Apple is the winner with four votes and now officially is the kookiest diva around (I’ll be having dinner with her next week to celebrate)!

The new ‘back-up’ name for the Chuckle Monkey: Multi-tasking Monkey was coming up strong towards the end with 8 votes but Chuckles hung in there (with 15) and is my new official back-up name (whatever that means)!

The Music quiz took a turn and oh boy what a turn that was. First we had a challenge between erybar, pocket_unv and myself to see who could out-geek the geeks. I felt there was no real winner and have set up the poll again, firstly as my friends list has expanded somewhat and secondly, as three new contenders for the crown have come in.

Okay for those interested you can click below and for those with any sanity remaining, run, run as fast as your little legs can carry you!

Well the rules for this started off simple but then pocket_unv decided to make them as hard as they could get. They are:

‘Choose a musical artist, then choose an album of fifteen tracks and make sure that every song from the album fits somewhere reasonable in the fifteen commets below’:

1.) are you a male or female?
2.) describe yourself:
3.) how do you feel about yourself?
4.) describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend:
5.) describe your current boyfriend/girlfriend:
6.) describe your current location:
7.) describe where you want to be:
8.) your best friend is:
9.) your favorite number is:
10.) you know that:
11.) what’s the weather like?
12.) if your life were a television show, what would it be called?
13.) what is life to you?
14.) what is the best advice you have to give?
15.) if you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Here are the six contenders (the main thing to think of here is how well the contenders have done with their challenge and not whether you like the band or not as people were voting for others last time due to the other bands being poor, forget that, vote for the best):

1. Pocket Universe

2. Erybar

3. Dingoes Attack

4. Jennafern

5. Altarus

6. Chuckle Monkey

The Poll will feature in the next post!

That’s bloody poor!

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands


This is when I am so fucking ashamed to come from the part of this globe that I do:

Bush’s ‘Yes man’

That bike again…

This has been a tough, yet fruitful couple of weeks, the manuscript has been sent off now and my film team are happy with it (breathes a sigh of relief) which is good as there is no way I could write another version, not without a gun to the head anyway!

In Bad Dreams has just sapped every bit of strength I have ever had and to claim working days of around fifteen hours a day over the last couple of weeks would not be telling a lie!

And so it was today that I decided enough was enough, I needed a bit of a break and set about first working with the wife on a new batch of apple chutney (oh yes) and then took the bike out (for the first time since mid June!) and so I present you with some more shots of Sweden:

Another of our lakes (this is only 11km outside Norrköping!)

Sunset by the lake (I really needed this!)

It’s them red barns again!

For those needing inspiration for horror stories

I just found this link whilst a browsing:

Spiders… or are they?

Freaky huh?

Truly In Bad Dreams…

Things are moving swiftly with the project and over the last few days I have found that the study chair and myself share some special bond, we cannot be separated!

Apart from a trip to the Hamlet performance and working like an idiot on the film manuscript, this thing has consumed me, questions have been asked, submission guidelines queried and all manner of people wishing to be a part of what is turning into a second baby for me this year!

eneit has been fantastic as co-editor and I truly don’t know what I would have done without her!

I have to say the highlight however was today (a mere five minutes ago) when I was criticised on the ‘specificmarkets’ community for my lack of English skills within my submission guidelines and on the post below:

Specific Markets

far be it from me to want to sink as low as otherswithin the Live Journal community but come on, how many of you proofread your own comments when shooting through the posts at blistering pace? I know we should pay more attention to grammar and spelling, lest we get lazy, but to pick someone on for using a questionable phrase…

… hey maybe I’ve met my pedantic match here… *grins*

My opinion on In Bad Dreams remains the same as it has from day one (and I’m sure eneit will back me up on this) and that is that if you feel for this and want to be part of it then brilliant, if not then go and find another anthology to pitch for and we’ll carry on as normal.

You have NO idea how well this project is going at the moment!

Some votes you may have missed (as there are a lot of newcomers)

I thought I’d chuck some new (and not so new) polls your way so that for those of you that have missed them before can partake in them now.

All polls close Friday night sometime (when I can be bothered deciding) so vote now… before your fingers fall off!

That ‘back-up name’ poll

That ‘what do want to read in the monkey’s journal’ poll

The ‘who’s the kookiest diva’ poll

This one is a long one so only check if you are obsessed about music as you have to follow links around and ask me things and I have a feeling most of you will throw things at the computer instead!

The ‘where the whole music thingy challenge started’

Sullied flesh melting sounds about right!

Especially with the weather as it is!

I was hoping to pop a review of our recent jaunt over to Vadstena (a town on one of the biggest two lakes in Sweden) to see an outdoor performance of Hamlet but this manuscript is killing me and so you’ll have to make do with a couple of pictures…

Horatio tells Hamlet there’s a ghost hanging around, pretending to be his dad.

Maddoc gets into the great bard’s bestest play (in his dad’s ‘oh not so humble’ opinion)

Hopefully I can piece a review together soon (especially if girliejones is not looking)…