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Cut-off Point for the Top Albums of 2010

And it’s that time of year again, today is the last day of contenders for the album of the year and, as such, the traditional day that I ask all of you to send me the way of any albums I may have missed/forgotten about.

What’s been great this year people?

Gearing up for album of the year 2010

I have been pondering for the last couple of days over the album of the year for 2010, especially with the fact that much of the year has been taken up with my top 40 songs of all time considerations (results of that to follow).

Not only that but I also consider 2010 as one of the weakest years for music of recent times and as such there’s not been much to choose from. In 2005 (the best year this decade) I listened to 253 albums before compiling my album of the year chart, whereas this year, with only seven days to go until cut-off point, I have 80 albums to choose from.

Still, there has been a few classics and I’m expecting the grand old New Year’s top five announcement to be strong!

While you're waiting for the top 40 countdown

I thought I’d give you a little treat and a it’s a beautiful live version of the song of last year, Anonanimal, by master musician, Andrew Bird:

Just gorgeous!