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The Quarter-Finals

The tournament is moving on now and we are into the last eight. England are still there (wahey) and Brazil and Germany (boo) and this is the first World Cup for a while that so many of the big guns were at this stage.

Six of the eight teams have already won the World Cup and Portugal were the finalists of the Euro two years ago. Ukraine are the only underdogs but in truth are a new team, being as they were part of Russia not too long ago. I remember when the U.S.S.R. lost to Holland in the 1988 Euro, they had nine players from Dynamo Kiev.

All eight are giants in one way or another…

Friday 30th June 2006

Germany vs Argentina
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

The biggest quarter final match of the four, this is truly the battle of the giants and a question of the lesser of two evils for me. It is also the match of countless dilemmas as in my heart I would England to meet Germany in the final and beat them in their own backyard. While that would be a dream scenario, it would also be really tough and meeting Argentina would be a fairer tie as the German fans are proving to be a very useful 12th player.

Argentina looked much hotter than Germany in the group stages but then looked a little wobbly against Mexico in the second round. Germany on the other hand massacred a good Sweden team and would have scored many more if not for the fact that they took their feet off the pedal after a blistering first fifteen minutes.

I want Argentina to win but think that 12th man might make the difference.

Italy vs Ukraine
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-0

My second team for so many years and god do I want them to go out tonight. I am still annoyed at that penalty in the game against Australia and I really don’t think Italy deserve to go through to the semi-finals. Unfortunately I think they will as Toni is going to get his first goal and Italy will shut up shop as they do so well.

Saturday 1st July 2006

England vs Portugal
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

I think we are a better team than Portugal and they are almost decimated by the loss of Deco, Costinha and so many others on yellows after the horror game against Holland. There is lots of talk about the famous third time lucky meeting between Scolari and Ericsson but they are different teams and I feel England will do the job here.

Brazil vs France
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-2

One of the first times I have ever predicted against Brazil but here is one tough nut for them to crack. Spain were so impressive in their group games and came up against a brick wall when they met France, not even scoring a goal in open play. Brazil are apparently only playing to 60% of their capacity and so they may amaze when up against ‘real’ competition. I think Brazil have had a pretty smooth journey so far and this is their biggest test; I think they’ll come unstuck (yes I very much hope so too!).

Am I excited or what?

Why oh why do I have to wait until next summer?

Spiderman 3 trailer

Ooh that mirror shot at the end…

Two sides, one coin

Today has just been one of those days, you know them, things are all over the place and you flit between sorrow and joy in equal proportions.

My highest point of joy was having my daddy/Maddoc time, listening to children’s songs and laughing and ‘talking’ to each other. I was also able to write a review that was outstanding for ASif and read through my now-edited short story being released later this year.

Snuggle time with the wife while Maddoc slept was a thoroughly unexpected and wholly pleasing surprise!

I feel like overall it has been a productive day but at the same time there has been this sense of the melancholy hanging over. The clouds have been heavy, the day after my family have returned to England is always a tough moment and especially this time, this being the first time they have visited after my mother’s death. We watched a video of my mum at Christmas yesterday and it is still hard to believe she is not around.

I also got stuck with my film script and the words just would not come, I sat and I looked and looked and sat but nothing…

I was hoping for this big grandiose entry now that I have a break from the World Cup (two days) but it was not to be.

I hope to get on top of friends’ entries soon but you know where I’ve been…

Day 17/18

I just realised that I had Brazil’s game as yesterday and hadn’t predicted the Switzerland vs Ukraine match!

Quick update with predictions before a vegetative night and hopefully some updates and pictures tomorrow…

Switzerland vs Ukraine 0-0 (Full Time) 0-0 (Extra Time) 0-3 (Penalties)
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-1 (Full Time) 1-1 (Extra Time) 2-3 (Penalties)

I had a feeling that Ukraine would win and on penalties but got the score wrong (I mean how can you miss every penalty?).

Spain vs France
Monkey’s Prediction: 3-1

Spain are looking pretty good and France have been really weak…

Day 14, 15, 16, 17…

I will predict as far as I can and then hope I get chance to add others before the games. My family are coming over from England today to meet Maddoc for the first time and there won’t be any time for updates until Tuesday (unless I sneak one in!).

23rd June

Ukraine vs Tunisia
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

Tunisia took the lead against Spain and held on for quite some time. They both have a chance to go through but I think that Ukraine will prove to be the strongest here and go through as second place in the group.

Saudi Arabia vs Spain
Monkey’s Prediction: 0-3

Spain will rest important players here as they are already in the next round yet will still beat one of the weakest teams in the competition.

Togo vs France
Monkey’s Prediction: 0-3

France have to win this game to qualify and will. They are not looking good however and they might make this very hard indeed.

South Korea vs Switzerland
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

A massively tough game to call this one but I think the South Koreans will do it, meaning they go through to the next round rather than Switzerland. They deserve to as Switzerland have been one of the most boring teams in a seriously uninteresting group this year.

24th June

Germany vs Sweden
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

Yes of course I want Sweden to beat zee Germans but as Sweden keep ramming it down our throats that we haven’t beaten them since 1968, they want to look to their own record against Germany, which goes back to 1958. Germany are solid, they are at home and they will win… tyvärr!

Argentina vs Mexico
Monkey’s Prediction: 4-0

One of the year’s strongest (if not the strongest) against one of the most uninspiring teams of the World Cup. Mexico are apparently the 4th best team in the world, although this is based on results playing so many weak teams. Argentina will give them the drubbing they have deserved since they got here but have missed due to being in a weak group.

25th June

England vs Ecuador
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

I still think we can win the World Cup, even with our lacklustre second half performance against Sweden and if we can’t beat Ecuador then we should go home with our heads hanging in shame.

Portugal vs Holland
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-3

Portugal have nine points from a woefully dull group and will face their biggest test ever when they meet the ‘Dirty Dutch’ on Sunday. They may play better than they have so far but there is no way that Portugal will prevail here.

26th June

Italy vs Australia
Monkey’s Prediction: 3-0

Australia are going to fight their hearts out here and realise the Italian defence is like a wall. They will also see how quickly the Italians can exploit dodgy defending and the Aussies are in for a rough ride on Monday… shame.

Brazil vs Ghana
Monkey’s Prediction: 5-2

The goal fest of the second round. Ghana will start strong and play a good game against the scumbags. Unfortunately nerves will play a big part (as well as Essien missing) and Brazil will overpower them.

Go Australia!

What have you Aussies on my flist done to me, I was shouting, cursing, biting my nails and cheering “Come on Aussies, come on Aussies”, throughout the game?

God, what drama, what excitement, easily the best game of the tournament!

Australia are so my second team of the World Cup now!

Great game guys and good luck against the Italians!

Day 13 (Continued)

Another group ends today and tomorrow night we will know all the teams that have qualified for the second round.

Japan vs Brazil
Monkey’s Prediction: 0-2

Japan need to win this game and so won’t. This will be such an annoying game, especially as the Brazilians are already through and so my good friend Micke and I have boycotted this game and will be watching:

Croatia vs Australia
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-2

Yes, I think the Australians can do it, yes I hope they do it and yes, they are my second team in the World Cup now (you’ve infected me all you Aussies on my flist)!

Go, Australia, go!

Day 13 (Late but honest)

Well an hour and a half after the games and I can give you my predictions (!?!). I am as honest as they come though so believe me or not this is what I said before:

Czech Republic vs Italy: 0-2
Monkey’s Prediction: 1-1

I knew that Italy weren’t going to be able to be beaten by the Czechs although I thought the Czechs would put up a much better fight than this. I am very angry and disappointed with my second team of the tournament’s display.

Ghana vs U.S.A.: 2-1
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

I was aware that both could qualify and that both would play their hearts out out here but I have been impressed with Ghana and really felt they could do it. Although I’m upset about the Czechs I think it’s really cool for Ghana and their fans!

For the newbies and those who might have missed

Welcome to millies_notes and ne1home, hope you have fun here!

For those who might have missed this and for those of you who are new I created a poll to see which of my posts where interesting for which people (I didn’t put World Cup football in there however… lol) and so here it is again for your perusal:

The Filters Poll

That is all, thanks for your time. 😉

Day 12

I’m up early and so why not get these predictions out of the way before I get caught out at the last minute again!

Portugal vs Mexico
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

Mexico need to win this after their lacklustre performance against Angola. They are just not good enough though and will lose to a well organised Portugal side.

Iran vs Angola
Monkey’s Prediction: 3-2

Could be a good game this one, Iran already out and playing for pride whilst Angola have a chance of going through if they win. They will get nervous and lose.

Holland vs Argentina
Monkey’s Prediction: 2-1

This will be a tough game with two of the strongest teams in the tournament battling it out for first place. This is somewhat irrelevant however as I fully believe that these two will be in the quarter finals as their opponents in the next round (Mexico and Portugal) are no match for them.

Ivory Coast vs Serbia & Montenegro

Monkey’s Prediction: 2-0

A match of pride as both teams are already out. I think Ivory Coast have been very impressive this tournament and will be keen to get their first win. Serbia & Montenegro are still shaken after their 6-0 drubbing at the hands of Argentina.