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The Stars of Speculative Fiction #14: Andrew McKiernan

Today we make room for High Priest of the brown egg and table tennis champion Andrew McKiernan!

SoSF – Andrew McKiernan

Bow in reverence next week as we welcome Goddess of Godliness and qualified space cruiser mechanic: Tehani Wessely!

It has been a while but hey, I just had to…

1. Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.
2. Go to Google Images and search for that word.
2a. SAFESEARCH OFF, wussies.
3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (don’t tell me the word).
3a. I may try to guess the word, or I may not.
4. Put this in your own journal so that I can do the same.

*ducks for cover*

Here’s where it gets nasty indoors

Last time I posted about the court case, the sentence had been passed and the murderer was given five years for killing Fuat.

Against the request of the family, our lawyer went out in the media and said that we wanted him to get life. The reaction was swift and now the murderer claims he didn’t murder Fuat and that everything he has admitted to has been due to pressure from a police department, pressured for results.

He has requested a new defence lawyer and has asked for Sweden’s best (as he has already dismissed his current one).

Etina is beside herself tonight and already fears the worst. A brief discussion between us ended sorely as I was accused of being naive and I was told to shut up as I know nothing about Swedish law.

Lots of deep breathing from me. I know she is hurting and I know this is the worst time. This is why I am taking a step back and staying quiet. If that’s what she needs it’s the least I can give.

It’s getting tough though, I know it’s a time question, I know this is so so extreme, I know…

(What do I know?)

Ill or?

Feeling much much better. Spent most of yesterday in bed and spent a high percentage of today watching DVDs and playing FIFA08 (always good healing components I feel).

Throat still sore and have the headache from hell and so I can’t see me getting up to anything exciting tomorrow either (meaning the 10km run won’t be done) but you never know, maybe I’ll wake up full of beans (or peas).

Other news has taken a turn for the worse but I’ll update with that later (haven’t the energy just now).

Thanks for all the messages, much appreciated!

Ilness update

Due to a few people asking, I thought I’d just let you know the situation.

Spinning room eased off and went back to me coughing here and there. That was until blood came up in one of the fits a couple of hours ago.

Have spoken with someone in the know and they have advised rest.

Just feeling a bit drained and frustrated that I couldn’t go out on the bike today (t’was a lovely day).

I’ll update tomorrow.

Enough is enough

The room is spinning now, and if that’s not enough reason to stop work for the day, then nothing is…

The Stars of Speculative Fiction #13: Simon Haynes

And behold, for today we welcome Simon Haynes onto the SoSF hotseat, former bus conductor and lover of the smell of tarmac, who will now regale with tales of glory, tales of woe, tales of conflict, tales of…

(well it might be a lot of shameless self-promotion too)

SoSF – Simon Haynes

Next week sees half-man, half-scarab beetle take the stage – for tis none other than Andrew McKiernan who will explain the joys of making wasp honey!

Light vs Darkness

It’s been a tough few months and a tougher few days. I’m taking a leaf out of

‘s book here and posting some thanks, to people that have helped in this time, to remind me that it’s not been all bad.

– where the hell do I start? You’ve been one of my biggest supporters, you do so much work for Morrigan Books and Gilgamesh Press, you are a wonderful editor, you keep me in check, you keep me focused and best of all, you are a dear friend!

– well you sprung up out of nowhere and have helped both me and my companies out so much. You are tireless in your support of speculative fiction and I am very much looking forward to working with you more in the future!

– for being my best friend.

– my god girl the work you’ve done for us, and it’s fantastic work too! You’ve given us a wonderful logo, a top cover for Voices, a great ad for SFX and there’s more to come!

– for wanting to send us such a wonderful book, for believing in Morrigan Books, and in me!

– for your belief, your relentless support and promotion, for giving me the responsibility you recently did, for being so active in our community

– for being you.

– for cheering me up constantly, for your help with Morrigan (and great help it is too) and for being one of the most friendly and honest people I know.

– for listening, for being there when it mattered, for wanting to work with me.

– for wanting to work on my book, for always having tips and suggestions, for keeping me motivated with your focus.

– for everything you’ve done for me and my companies since they began, for giving me someone to look up to, for having answers for nearly all my questions.

– for the thoughts, the e-mails, the vibes – yes I noticed them!



– for wanting to work on Gilgamesh Press’ big book with me. It’s an honour, truly it is!

– for always being there, for always being honest, for making me laugh, a lot!

Self-indulgent post alert

Meaning I should go for some LJ cut love and spare you all…

Well I could say it’s over now, as the final debt has been paid and I am now free of the bind of Eneit Press.

It’s not though.

It’s not because I feel betrayed, I feel used and I feel let down. It’s not the money that has been the underlying problem here but that fact that at no time during this six month hell as she ever said sorry for what she’s done, sorry for making me start again in January, sorry for taking my trilogy idea as her own, sorry for making me go through so much unnecessary work, when in truth I should have been helping Etina out.

No, it’s just been me that’s been hard work, me that should apologise for being cheeky enough to ask for my money (not even a loan, as we never agreed that I would lend money), me that has resorted to bully tactics to get the money back and put this behind me.

I was galled to read that she still considered me a friend – how can she say these things, she’s made my life a bloody misery for the last few months and now wants us to go back to normal. I don’t think I’d even let a family member get away with this level of disrespect, let alone a friend!

I may look at this with forgiving eyes in the future but for now I am filled with anger – I just need to put this behind me, as soon as I possibly can – part of the reason I’m writing this for you, my core group, a little therapy session.

My two thoughts that keep recurring are big ones that I need to bear in mind:

The first is that if it wasn’t for this whole mess, I wouldn’t have

at Morrigan Books, and she has been a godsend, so much support and hard work and I don’t know where I’d be without her.

The other is that I have decided to see the first six months of this year as the aftermath of the loss of Fuat and the breakdown of Eneit Press – September sees three Morrigan Books releases and October sees my new baby, how can those not make me smile.

I’m having a very down couple of days but I will be back – I promise!

Survey for Speculative Fiction

That workhorse

, over at A boy goes on a journey, has put together a detailed survey for writers within speculative fiction.

Obviously the more who fill it in the more detailed the results are:


So get to it!