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I’m big in Belarus!

The weirdest thing just happened; I’ve been friended by two LJ users from Minsk… how do I do it? Read and be amazed (not this post but rather the journal as a whole (or is that hole?))!

Anyway, I’m looking for suggestions here as I am trying to transfer my recordings of the boy Maddoc from DV to DVD and not straight through (as I want to edit first).

My desire would be a program that I can transfer the films to the computer, then edit them before putting them on DVD as a DVD film.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and check mango prices tomorrow as there’s going to be a market crash (I think)…


A big hello to phillberrie, welcome in, get yourself comfy!

“Sometimes” I wonder how things get into the news:

Toilet breaks

*rolls eyes*

Video time!

This week’s theme is five great songs from five great albums of 2005:

1. Trance Manual – John Vanderslice (taken from the album Pixel Revolt – 85/100)

2. Great Expectations – Elbow (taken from the album Leaders of the Free World – 86/100)

3. St. Petersburg – Supergrass (taken from the album Road to Rouen – 94/100)

4. Trouble with Dreams – Eels (taken from the album Blinking Lights and other Revelations – 93/100)

5. Magnetized – Laura Veirs (taken from the album Year of Meteors – 95/100)

Seeing as my PZ Challenge was related!

What type of Fae are you?

Back in the throne!

Yes it’s official, I’ll be running a game tomorrow! It’s a solo adventure, giving a friend of mine a taste of role-playing before he joins the group for a game in October when my bestest friend erybar comes over to Sweden for an eagerly awaited visit!

We are playing 3rd Edition D&D (my third time only) and my game takes place on an island in my own world. There is rebuilding aplenty as the town was razed during the war (over 50 years earlier) but is now being rebuilt in case of a repeat attack by the evil ones over in Vaalmor.

Micke (the friend) is the son of a carpenter who will become one of the militia by the game’s end. He will also meet my PC (who will be an NPC for this one): a Grey Elf, with a mysterious past and interesting character class (can’t say as pocket_unv is on this list and he will be playing in October too!

It’s an interesting little project as I run the game for Micke and then in a few weeks our friend Per will run the game for Micke, erybar, pocket_unv and your beloved simian, so within the same game I am DM and PC… cool huh?

I’ll let you know how it went and what Micke thought of it later…

Music joy

Some of you may remember me having a good old moan about this year and so many weak album releases.

Well I can now inform you that the heavyweights are kicking in, as there are some really great albums coming out at the moment!

I’m a happy boy now, even before Tom releases his monster 3 CDs in November!

Toons = YAY!

Firefly geekiness

Three episodes in and I think I’m in love with Kaylee!


I’m back!


7 things I learned about my flist (after having 7 days away)

A big hello to devinjay , come on in and close the door, it’s getting colder outside!

1. My flist are having a sorrowful year:
Just reading through the journal entries I have missed it seems that quite a few have ill relatives or have lost them in this year. As one of the gang (losing my mother in January) my heart goes out to you all and I hope things buck up soon.

2. My flist know their TV:
This is more for wolflady26 and jadeweasal than anyone else, due to their praise of Carnivale and Firefly (have watched all of Carnivale and the pilot of Firefly), and I think I have to say that Carnivale is my favourite TV series of all time. It really appeals to my sense of good horror and great story telling and I implore those who have not watched it yet to check it out. I have added the two series to my DVD wish list (currently only containing Deadwood as must-have) and I’m trying to convince Etina to watch it (she gets scared by horror).

3. My flist don’t know their films:
I have had three films strongly recommended this year on the ole LJ: Cube, The Descent and Ginger Snaps. I have already whined about The Descent and was so not expecting the other two to fall into simliar categories. I agree that Cube is a nice idea in principle and a little different but you can’t make a high-tension characterisation drama with people that can’t act, as you’ll never pull it off. Some scenes were frankly painful to endure, due to the actors’ failing to get the emotions onto the screen. I wanted to love it but I found myself really disliking it instead.

Ginger Snaps was a laughable attempt at being clever, at using metaphors in cinema that just so didn’t work. The effects were weak, the acting terrible and I think this film signed the death warrant of my relationship with teen-angst dramas; I really must be getting old! *scratches the grey beard*.

4. My flist are part of my daily routine:
I really noticed the not checking of my LJ every day and seeing what’s going on and chatting with you all, etc., etc. I missed you!

5. My flist are into guns:
I’m scared of guns, can only see them as weapons of destruction, yet my flist are chucking pictures up and having fun shooting stuff… I’m scared.

6. My flist are funny and creative:
Reading through the stuff today, I realised how much you all inspire me and how much I laugh whilst reading!

7. My flist are mine:
Cause no one has the same flist as mine… have you?

Friday’s videos (a little late)

Hope you enjoy them today, the mood being ‘out there’:

1. The Tiger Lillies sing Snip Snip

2. Laibach sing Sympathy for the Devil

3. Genesis sing Trick of the Tail

(Or how not to make a video)

4. Prodigy sing Firestarter

5. Radiohead sing The Pyramid Song