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The Year’s Best Songs of 2011 – Now available for your edification!

Enter at Your Own Risk – 2011

First up we have the lovely cover: the photo was taken by Karin Strand and the manipulation done by yours truly,

And now I present the tracks that feature on the CD this year. Please note that this year the original list of 18 songs was too long for the CD and so I kept that as a download version, removing two of the tracks for the CD. This is why there are two versions. Feel free to download the one that you prefer.

If you are a user of Spotify, I also have the playlist there. I try to make life as easy as possible but if you have other ideas for the best way to spread the word, let me know.


Enter at Your Own Risk – 2011

  1. Shattering Sea – Tori Amos
  2. Perth – Bon Iver
  3. Several Shades of Why – J Mascis
  4. High Low Middle – My Brightest Diamond
  5. Crystalline – Björk
  6. Lotus Flower – Radiohead
  7. Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club
  8. You Can Do It (Tee’s Inhouse Mix) – Todd Terry (Only available on the full version)
  9. Cthulhu Sleeps – Deadmau5 (Only available on the full version)
  10. Thru and Thru – Gang Gang Dance
  11. Companions – The Dodos
  12. Hell Broke Luce – Tom Waits
  13. Wait – M83
  14. Streetlight – John Maus
  15. Marked – EMA
  16. The Days – Patrick Wolf
  17. Dear Friends – Elbow
  18. End Come too Soon – Wild Beasts


Full version (all 18 tracks)

Edited version (16 tracks)

Spotify playlist (all 18 tracks)