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So this is where my 203rd blog lives then?

Yep, I have looked on WordPress quite fondly for a little while now and after enjoying updating my Norrköping Cyclist blog over here, and getting ready for a whole new site in the WordPress family, I decided to get going here myself.

So what’s going on in this particular blog then? Good question and one I can’t fully answer just at present. I feel it’s going to be a mix of my personal and professional one that I have on Live Journal, a bit more meat than either of those and loads more material than my Blogger account, which I find a bit of a pain.

I’m thinking just let this where go where it feels like and see what turns up on the other side…

Ready the Spider: Dead Souls is coming to town!

Dead Souls launch news

Extremely curious about opinions to Lightning Source

Have just this second cancelled an order with Lightning Source, after some bizarre events leading up to a book not being ready for its launch this week. Apparently Lightning Source (LS) don’t like covers that are done by graphic designers, who do much more complicated work than them and so rejected our cover for Grants Pass around five times due to it going over its max high density.

Now, this is the second time I’ve dealt with LS and the second time the project has been cancelled. The first time was a case of cover problems, followed by a proof that took a mere four months to get to me, when I wanted the book ready in a month. It seems I am a glutton for punishment but the situation was such that the team who messed up last time had been replaced and I thought it was worth giving them another chance.

I am aware at least a couple of you are happy with LS as a company and I’m curious as to why mine seems to be a special case.

Could anybody who has dealt with either the US or UK office (or both) let me know some thoughts, as I am very interested as to why such a well known company are so weak.