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Twittering on…

Is this the sum of my parts?

09:18 The first of those to go in ‘Stage Two’ has now gone… bye bye Yoav, it was nice to meet you… #

10:29 Go Ladyhawk, go! #

13:28 Knocking off early, the temptation to watch Maddoc singing his heart out at nursery is just too much to miss! #

Can my life get any more gripping?

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Take a Chance available for pre-order

Have you ordered your copy yet?

Take a Chance #1: City of Heroes

C. E. Murphy has promised to donate proceeds to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which is jolly nice of her!

It looks like it is going to be a great read and the artwork is ace – just go and have a look at the teaser pages on the site…

… well… what are you waiting for?

We have a new logo!

Funky eh? Yet another example of talent from the one known as wedschilde

I am the music man, I come from down your way and I can play…


Well the whole album of the year for 2008 has now stepped up a gear with me deciding to go onto stage two ahead of the 1st December slot, as is usually the case.

Stage two is where I remove all the albums graded 6 or below from consideration and focus on listening to those with grades of 7 to see if any of those need to go into the 8 or 9 pile.

This morning there were 195 albums in contention and now, a mere 81, with 64 of those having grades of 7. There are only two albums with a grade of 9 this year and this is one of the worst years for that statistic, as the others years saw much better returns – 2005: 8 albums, 2006: 11 (one of the best years for quite some time), and 2007: 9.

And so I’m off now, listening to the 64 that could be moving up – occasionally some move down but it’s not that often.

See you on the other side…

Twittering on…

Is this the sum of my parts?

09:59 Putting a harpsichord in a track is a guaranteed way of upping the grade for me… it’s that simple! #

17:51 @preyforhuntress Heh! #

17:53 With an Audrey on my shoulder… with The Orb bouncing out of the speakers… with Maddoc & Etina having fun… #

22:56 @jennnixon I’ve had it for ages but have been a bit lazy… I was pleased to see you here though! #

22:56 Heroes and Dexter now watched. One keeps getting better and better and the other can’t make up its mind – which is which? #

22:57 @jennnixon I started it but got bored very early. I’m not a YA vampire fan methinks… #

Can my life get any more gripping?

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Twittering on…

Is this the sum of my parts?

23:14 163 albums listened to and another 20 or so to go before the deadline on the 30th – ooh it’s fun stuff! #

Can my life get any more gripping?

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Kidz I haz them!

Was in a comparison mood today and had a look at a few pics of our two at similar ages.

This is how they looked at 22 days old each (well Maddoc is 21 days old but)

Audrey and Maddoc comparison

(Maddoc definitely wins the hair award!)

What do you mean I need a shave and it looks like I have baby vomit on my t-shirt – you people are insane!

Mystical updates (and other stuff)

I do believe I have found my album of 2008. I have looked over recent tags and noticed that I have not made any wild assertations of what was to be the album of the year back on January 3rd this year and this time am a bit more confident of my choice.

No, of course I’m not telling you…

I have some boring stats under the cut though, mainly for peeps such as: pete23, mushkush, xjenavivex, athenais, wild_heart and integritysinger.

Muzak, the muzak is in town!

38 eh? Let’s see how that feels…

First up, thanks for all the lovely messages on LJ and Facebook and e-mail yesterday, I was very touched.

From 2008-11-13 Mark turns 38

There you have one of the perfect moments from the day. Some other stuff I did (for those interested) was:

Listen to some tunes (I really needed to catch up on some listening, especially with the deadline for new albums in just a couple of weeks).

Prepared my preliminary invite for my 40th birthday party – yes 40th, it needs planning I tells ya!

Played Lego Batman – I have much love for this game and it pees all over Lego Indiana Jones from a great height (the latter being much jumping and not much else) and I might even go as far as to say it is better than Lego Star Wars. I know, I know, it’s a crazy thing to say but it just feels like that at the mo.

Watched the first half of the mini-series of BSG with etina, in order to get her interested so we can go through the whole thing together, whilst doing my reviews for ASif! at the same time.

Had the lovely audrey_deniz with me (as in pic) for a whole two hours without protest.

Watched highlights of the Chelsea vs Burnley game in the Carling Cup. We beat Chelsea, at home, Chelsea!

Had maddoc_deniz make me a nice coffee (with a little help from his mummy) and share ice-cream (and later pizza) with me.

Took Maddoc to his swimming lesson and got a cool photo of him underwater.

Got a lovely card from the wife, which pretty much said everything I needed to hear.

Watched a bit of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (as I’m doing that new father thing of only being able to watch things longer than a tv episode in stages and because I’m not that impressed so far).

All in all a jolly nice day!

(notice the music isn’t Chad!)

Three Crow Press – The Morrigan Books Ezine


Three Crow Press

On the winter solstice, MorrĂ­gan Books will celebrate the divide of light and dark by launching its online magazine, Three Crow Press.

Three Crow Press is an online magazine specializing in quality speculative fiction, supernatural, fantasy (urban, dark and gothic), horror and steampunk as well as non-fiction pieces and articles. Well written young adult will be considered if the piece is within the 16+ market. We are prepared to consider all genre-related works and are looking for stories that capture the imagination of the Three Crow staff.

Winter Solstice Deadline: December 1, 2008

Fiction Word Count and Parameters: Stories should be between 500 and 3,000 words. There is no theme to the issue but story must fit within the specified genres. Payment for submissions are 1 cent (US) per word following acceptance.

Settings: Any part of the world, mythology or culture.

Timeline: We will consider any story set at any time in the past, present or near future as long as the story is within the specified genres.

All materials must be an original work by the submitting individual. Reprint copyrights will remain with you. No simultaneous submissions will be accepted. Previously published material will only be accepted if discussed with the editor first.

For more information please go to Three Crow Press Submissions at: